Saturn Direct 2016

Saturn, “School Teacher of the Cosmos” has been Retrograde in Sagittarius since March 25th and goes Direct at 9 degrees Sagittarius on August 13th. Karmic lessons have been kicking some of us in the arse or rewarding us for good deeds in the past. Saturn’s year-long square to Neptune has been adding much vivid confusion to the overall experience. Information has been processed, analyzed, filtered, jumbled, and rearranged so many times these past few months it has been quite a trick to stay on target with anything and everything.

Venus in Virgo moves into opposition with Neptune and squares Saturn as he stations direct, bringing raw feelings to the surface and certain relationship issues up for review. Financial organization is another key focus. Laughter is some of the best medicine available for both body and mind and it would be especially helpful now. Nitpicking never saved a person or couple from conflicts that threatened its security in any form. Different techniques – specifically those less critical more practical in nature must be employed in order to learn from past mistakes or mishaps and to progress as individuals, students, partners and group members.

Hogworts School (Harry Potter)

Hogworts School
(Harry Potter)

Gravity and levity are both doing strange things, perhaps functioning in reverse. Longstanding puzzles are on their way to finally being solved, but patience and steadiness are still required. The building energy of the Aquarius Lunar Eclipse (August 18th) is erratic and wildly unpredictable.

Maybe you’re the one in the classroom who is raising his/her hand exclaiming, “I know! I have the answer! Finally, I get it now – I really get it!!!”

Maybe you had it all along, and you knew what you were in for even that though that doesn’t make things any easier. If you’re juggling objects or situations that resemble hot potatoes right now, just keep doing it – don’t look down! Don’t turn back! Just keep juggling like your life depends on it. The rush will subside. The confusion will eventually clear up. The work will eventually pay off. The potatoes will land, and your hands (more importantly your head) will be able to rest 😀


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