Full Moon Eclipse in Aquarius

“To cast off the rotten rags of Memory by Inspiration…to take off his filthy garments and clothe him with Imagination; to cast aside from Poetry all that is not Inspiration, that it no longer shall dare to mock with the aspersion of Madness…”                       – William Blake, from Milton

An almost Lunar Eclipse occurs at 26 degrees of Aquarius on August 18th. This mysterious Full Moon event is not quite visible as an eclipse yet just as keenly felt by many, stirring the cosmic cauldron and kicking up stardust. The party is just getting started, as two more eclipses in a Mercury Retrograde cycle await us in September.

The essence of this lunar passing is one of deliverance, release, and enlightenment. It is here to usher those of who are ready through the veil of illusions that have held us captives to our lowest vibrations. It may be experienced as excruciating and/or exhilarating. What rotten old rag of a belief are you ready to cast off and burn in the pyre of things-no-longer-relevant?

In the sign of the Water Bearer, the well of inspiration flows as do tears and ideas and dreams and visions. The air is electric and untamable. Inhibitions cut loose, censors dropped or pierced. There could be a waves of sadness followed by ecstasy. This could be the chance to mourn the loss of what could not be mourned before when emotions were backed up by suppression or mental reasoning, or when conditions would not allow the very crucial process of grief to unravel.

Reinier Van Persijn

Reinier Van Persijn

The Moon just passes fixed star Sadar and lights the front wing of the Swan in the constellation Cygnus. Swan energy is about transformation, poetry, music, and the inner child. Creativity in all of its forms has highly renewing qualities at this time. As synchronicity would have it, the Swan has mythical ties to Jupiter which becomes activated in a Finger of God formation by the Full Moon’s sextile to Uranus and their almost opposition to this ginormous planet that represents all that is grandeur. This “finger” aspect could produce some FOG alright, but the way through will also be brightly lit. Chiron in Pisces opposite of Jupiter has been serving as a reminder this year of wounds inherited, learned, and acquired throughout many lifetimes that have the potential to crush souls or finally liberate them from bondage. Uranus thrives on chaos and the Unexpected and just might be our savior in this situation. Take a bold step where your heart guides you and see where it leads.


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