Mercury Retrograde in Virgo

Mercury entered Virgo on July 30th, entered the Retrograde pre-shadow on August 10th, intensified in effects on the 24th and will station Retrograde on the 30th, in backward apparent motion until September 21st. Mercury exits the Retrograde post-shadow on October 6th.

Mercury is dignified in Virgo and strives for purification, organization, and perfection. When Retrograde in this sign it can cause redundant speech, mental overstimulation, nervous exhaustion and an urge to perfect any given thing or project to the point of undoing it. Please please please, let’s not and say we did.

Gulls (Laridae) and earthmover on landfill

Gulls (Laridae) and earthmover on landfill

Putrefaction that has either been occurring on the physical plane or in emotions will become unbearable. The surrounding environment could be perceived as a creative mess or a sea of garbage where one or many drown in its foul odors and course textures. Conversely those with the inclination toward resourcefulness may be flooded with great ideas – possibly too many to keep track of.

A Solar Eclipse in Virgo occurs on September 1st and a Lunar Eclipse in Virgo’s opposite sign Pisces on the 16th. Mercury in Virgo is prominently featured on both occasions but in different ways. Let’s face it – with all of the eclipse action life is pretty busy and fast-paced right now…so busy that breakfast might be skipped, socks mismatched and panties inside out. The ordinarily well-put-together guy or gal might turn into a hot slop or an undesirable slob. To a fastidious Virgoan type, nothing could be more unholy.

To the degree that any of us are attached to things looking or being a certain way is the degree that determines how upsetting this Mercury Retrograde transit will be.This statement must be underlined.

Health will be important to maintain or improve. Quite likely the health issues that arise will relate to a need for some form of detoxification. Mercury rules the nervous system and Virgo rules the intestines. If ever there was a great time for some sort of cleanse it would be now and over the next five weeks. Just be sure not to cleanse yourself into dehydration or nonexistence.


4 thoughts on “Mercury Retrograde in Virgo

  1. Thank you Yerevan! Grateful for your wisdom. Yes, I AM doing a cleanse but it is nourishing and not depleting. Such a powerful time to detox the body, the mind and organize my house!

    • Yay! The nourishing part is equally important. I sometimes enjoy the clearing away, organization, and fixing of little odds & ends that Mercury Retrograde brings on. Cheers to a productive one this September šŸ™‚

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