Solar Eclipse in Virgo 2016

An annular solar eclipse at 9 degrees of Virgo on September 1st will be visible from Madagascar and certain areas of Central Africa. The effects of this eclipse have been building up for several days, bringing explosive action, fierce opposition, and holy hell in our spheres of existence. The “ring of fire” formed the glowing rays of the Sun outlined behind the Moon could symbolize this.

For some this New Moon Eclipse heralds the release of struggle, the breaking of chains, and the onset of inspiration. Much of what is being processed now is a recap of what came up last year 0f 2015 around September 13th with the Solar Eclipse at 20 degrees of Virgo. Close where I live in Northern California, a huge fire took down almost an entire valley, and with it a spot called Harbin Hot Springs that was beloved by many. It was a time of endings, disappointment and loss on a grand scale and it was only the beginning of more of what was to come in the months to follow.

I see the huge emphasis in Virgo as a call to becoming more intimately aligned with Gaia – to make amends with Her, to assess the ways that we can become more prudent with regard to our resources. This world that we live in is as filled with awesome beauty as it is with terror and decay. How often do we immerse ourselves in the beauty? How often do we give thanks for the bounty “at our disposal”?

An eclipse or transit is never “all good” or “all bad” but a mixture of things, pushing different buttons for each of us each time. The transits we have experienced recently and are currently experiencing could very well lead to breakthroughs in consciousness that significantly change the course of our lives.

Those who shun the shadow side of life should read no further.

This eclipse on September 1st highly activates the Saturn/Neptune square that has been in effect since November of 2015. This confounding cosmic arrangement will pack its last punches with us throughout September. Many of the illusions that we have long held dear are dissolving before our eyes and sliding like sand through our fingers.

The North Node conjunct the Solar Eclipse is showing us where we may have wrongly given of our time, energy, and resources in the past. It is pulling our head out of the clouds and into the stark Now. It is helping us to redefine our goals and aspirations and encouraging practical plans of action toward attaining them. One major lesson many have been learning since November 12th of 2015 and will hopefully complete by May 9, 2017 is how to overcome the tendency to rationalize outer conditions and toxic situations at the expense of personal sanity and integrity. Between Chiron and Neptune the South Node in Pisces has revealed many of the causes of our own self-doing. Various forms of self-sacrifice and sabotage have proven futile at relieving the suffering of others, let alone the self who is being sacrificed.

Intense pain – psychic pain, physical pain, soul pain has been a highlight for so many this past year. When the pain is too great to endure, escapism becomes the coping mechanism. On the other hand, an extreme sensitivity to the disappointment, pain and suffering of others, both on minor and major scales can become distracting to one’s own progress, and we now see more clearly the ways that we have been distracted. With this illumination we can adjust our responses and create positive change.

To those for whom it applies: Whose bottomless pit of need have we sought to fill? In what way have we become exhausted because of a deep care, sympathy or pity for the states of others – shocked to find out where our very sympathy is the thing most undeserved? This is how psychic vampires even thrive; they must be fed by those who pity them enough to give of their own life force energy. Since the North Node’s transit of Virgo began I discovered the hard way that I had been trying to cater to the crying egos of others for quite some time rather than truly helping them to serve their higher purpose. It was extremely depressing to say the least. It was also liberating.

Meanwhile, Mercury is stationed Retrograde at 28 degrees of Virgo in exact conjunction with Jupiter who is getting ready to shift gears into Libra on the 9th. The danger with this combination is that words and their meanings may seem bigger than life to some and can be misconstrued in many ways. Judgment could seem more severe than is merited. Bickering and nitpicking could lead to all out brawls or become quietly resolved for those making every effort to choose the higher route.

Two big questions that arise with Jupiter in the late degrees of Virgo are:  What have we taught those who we have chosen to teach us? What have we learned by teaching others? Here on Earth, the teaching and learning goes both ways between teacher and student but usually not in any predictable fashion. In another philosophical sense everyone is a teacher to us if we are but willing to learn from our interactions with them.

The Solar Eclipse forms a trine to Pluto that could be the boost we have been needing to move on to the next level in some way. If a change of career, residence, relationship, or occupation has been long considered the road moving forward will soon appear. When it comes to eclipses (we have one more to go this year on the 16th) we can seldom be sure what direction things will take but we can expect that what is stuck will become unstuck!

The asteroid Aphrodite makes a conjunction to the Solar Eclipse which could indicate some surprises in store regarding love and/or romance. Earthy forms of healing and somatic therapy are favored now, such as massage, herbal medicine, and acupuncture. It would probably be wise to take it easy on ourselves and others and not push too hard for results the rest of this week.


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