Uranus in Aries – Urgency in Action

Just making some rearrangements while Mercury is Retrograde 🙂 This was posted August 2011 but first written March 10th 2011 (before the tsunami hit Japan)

Posted on New Earth Astrology at 2:36 PM

On March 11th 2011, Uranus will enter the sign of Aries, full steam ahead, for the next seven years. Right now, people are standing up for what they believe in, and aren’t backing down any time soon. With Uranus in Aries people will continue to raise their voices, act on their impulses and fight for their freedom like never before. As an example, the recent events in Egypt have bypassed the threatening presence of Al Qaida, counteracted by great fury as well as verbal and mental force. Many cultures in the world are seeking to break free of their own outworn molds. We rarely hear such news but there are members of the Arab freedom movement who are pressing for change through the power of song. How cool would that be if we all just sang our way into a state of harmony, literally?

Uranus’s last transit through Aries occurred 84 years ago, from October 1927 to March 1935. During that time there were, as always with major transits, a combination of great revelations, revolutions, crash-and-burns, and transformations. The economy suffered in many countries, which may have been a partial trigger for World War II. Adolf Hitler declared himself the fuhrer of Germany after becoming President and Chancellor August 2nd 1934. Thousands died in China of an 8.6 earthquake. One of my favorite events during this time worth mentioning was that Amelia Earhart became the first woman pilot to fly solo, and to receive recognition for flying across the Atlantic Ocean.

Here we are, at the brink of yet even more dramatic change – what life seems all about. People with their Sun or other planets in Aries may be particularly sensitive to what this transit brings into their lives, yet the Collective will continue to be affected by this shift. There is much to prepare and be ready for, much to look forward to, and much to surrender. I prefer to see this as a surrendering to the Divine Will, versus the will of the small ego. The power of Will in general has much to do with Uranus in Aries. People who live somewhat unconsciously will be acting more willfully than ever, whether or not this serves them. It is extra important to pay attention to where our individual wills are pointing us. When in doubt, one may ask “Does my will (in any given situation) serve the highest and most harmonious outcome of all?”

The coming Spring Equinox on March 20th will begin not only with the Sun’s usual entry into Aries but an unusual conjunction with Uranus, and all of the wild forces that this unpredictable planet represents. This follows the perigee Full Moon on the 19th, which will be the biggest and closest to the Earth since 1992. This is Uranus’s first Sun conjunction at the Equinox in 335 years. Soon after on April 1st, Mars brushes up against Uranus stirring up heated situations, while a Retrograde Mercury in the same sign causes us to reflect on what we just did over the past few weeks and whether or not we want to continue doing the same things over and over or figure out new strategies.

During the next seven years we are likely to see advancements in technology that appear more futuristic and Sci-Fi than we’ve ever experienced. The dark side of Uranus in Aries might manifest as machinery, weaponry, and spyware that is far more fatal and/or invasive than humans have experienced. The brilliance of Uranus brings us ingenious new solutions to very old problems.

In terms of natural disasters, we will see more of those that are related to the fire element, such as solar flares, volcanoes, and electrical storms (this vs disasters related to the water element associated with Pisces). Earthquakes could happen as a result of the erratic flow of energy and the chaos that our Earth is merely reflecting back to us.

All in all, this is a time to go for it, do it now – taking action is sometimes better than making mistakes, particularly when inaction will mean death or disablement. Whether we need to take more initiative in our health, our careers, our relationships or our world, Uranus in Aries is here to pull our heads out of the clouds and give us that big push in the behind to make things happen.


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