Jupiter in Libra 2016-2017

The Great Benefic Jupiter enters the sign of Libra on September 9th 2016 until October 10th, 2017. The recent transit through Virgo since August 11, 2015 has been an excruciating one on planet earth, although many useful things came of it. Mercury Retrograde has been in close contact with Jupiter in its late degrees through this sign since late August 2016, reminding us of all the loose ends that need to be tied before we can move on. The focus since last Fall has been on making corrections, cleaning up the messes made by those who came before us in addition to those we ourselves have made, working darn hard for minimal reward and trying to dodge all of the incessant nitpicking and fault-finding in ourselves or others – all a fancy, long-winded way of saying that Jupiter exiting Virgo is like saying “Good Bloody Riddance!”

Relationship Highlights

Jupiter & Juno on Mount Ida, painting by James Barry (1741-1806)

Jupiter & Juno on Mount Ida, painting by by James Barry (1741-1806)

Jupiter in Libra accentuates a love of art, beauty, romance, and the finer things in life. Partnership goals will become prominent and possibly quite successful. Professions and pursuits related to business collaborations, fashion, interior design, music and the arts in general will find greater expression during this Jupiter transit than the previous one.

Lonely folks, take heart because your power animal, cool kids, or significant other might soon appear! Those whose relationships are on the rocks, don’t fret – even if it’s time to part ways the parting could be more amicable than expected. Just don’t expect any relationships to be “normal” in the months to come, whatever that means to you. There are likely to be a lot of quirks and exceptions to the rules made. Since Jupiter encourages more and more and more of a thing wherever he transits, the result in Libra could be polygamy, being torn between two lovers, leaving one relationship and jumping into another, benefiting from the wealth of a partner, friends or lovers going into business with each other.

Cardinal signs (Aries, Cancer, Libra, and Capricorn) have been heavily impacted during the past four years to the Uranus-Pluto square and myriad other factors. My fellow Librans out there feeling worn out and war-torn may be sensing that things are finally about to shift in their favor. Yes, it’s true! It’s not just wishful thinking this time but things are really changing for the better for a change. Before getting out those pretty teacups and making party arrangements though, there are a few things to be aware of. We must not and cannot avoid the darkness, after all Libra is about both balance and contrast. It is also about confrontation.

With Jupiter in Libra our attention will be drawn toward working through all of our relationship dynamics – the good, the bad, the ugly, and the ecstatic. All that is Libran, including charm, courtship, and marriage will be highlighted in the year to come. We’ll also be dealing with or witnessing disagreement, divorce and endings of relationship situations that just don’t work anymore. Unfinished business will reach completion. Old contracts will be broken, and new commitments will be made.

Jupiter does absolutely nothing in a small way but heightens our experience of any given sign and aspects being made to other planets. Jupiter in Libra will be spending a large portion of time in an opposition to Uranus in Aries from the Winter Solstice in late December 2016 until the Spring Equinox in Late March of 2017. Many surprises, both pleasant and unpleasant will come through other people during this time, and then again in late September. Jupiter will move into a pushy square with Pluto late Spring in effect until late August of 2017. Power trips could lead to destruction or stimulate higher ways of communicating and coming to agreements without the compromise of personal values.

The transit of Jupiter in Libra might be fun in some ways but will probably not be all fluffy like a bunny or bouquet of flowers. It will reveal what divides us just as much as it reveals what unites us, and why. It will reflect back to us the lines that have been drawn between race, creed, gender, and class. It will very likely ask each of us the highly uncomfortable question, “Which side are you on?” in whatever divided situation we may find ourselves in. The fence won’t hold up anymore. There are choices to be made in how to resolve conflicts and achieve harmony and fairness.

Social Justice

Both secret admirers and enemies could suddenly make themselves known during Jupiter’s trip through the sign of the Scales. The other side of the story will be spoken, whether anyone wants to hear it or not. Not to mention, the turning of tables in unjust scenarios (or evening of the scales) with a ferocity that nobody saw coming may be delivered straight from that hard fist of iron adorned in baby soft velvet. Isn’t that special.

Those who couldn’t handle Jupiter in Virgo’s pokes and jabs might want to brace themselves, for the next couple of years actually. I wanted this to sound super diplomatic but that’s not always the way things roll… those who have been running away from truth or thinking they can get away with murder might want to basically get ready for a massive “Shut up bitch, and listen.” session from the Cosmos. The transit of Jupiter in Libra could offer such people the perfect opportunity to come clean about something, make a confession or make amends for previous wrongdoings, but very few will be forced into such confession. The decision to come clean is best made from within.

In the world of politics Jupiter’s activities indicate foreign policies, government and laws in general. Peace is what We want so badly with anything in Libra. Jupiter here could certainly raise ideals while simultaneously stirring the pot. That man’s man gets his huge hand in there just in time for the elections. Therefore, it doesn’t look like peace and harmony is what we’re in for on the whole. Violence could easily just go back-and-forth with nothing getting accomplished other than harm. An eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth, an arm for an arm. Threats both real or perceived will be reacted to in big ways.

I sincerely hope that Native Americans are able to successfully protect the land from the US government’s further oil drilling in what has been called the “largest Native protest in history“. Anyone who would dare continue to rape and pillage the earth in this way is utterly insane, and None of us should be the enablers of such atrocity.

Jupiter almost joins forces with Saturn early on but it’s just not happening until August of 2017. Surely, we can try our best to be ready for enough excuses – enough ifs/ands/buts/somedays/and maybes to drive us barking mad, while exercising our abilities to stay calm and faithful in that morbid state of being called Limbo. There’s still so much to learn about relationships, negotiation, what’s fair and people’s rights versus the so-called Rights of the People. What “People”?

Last time Jupiter transited Libra between September 2004-October 2005:

  • George Bush got reelected as president just after a video of Osama Bin Laden threatening the USA with terrorist attacks and taunting Bush was widely broadcast.
  • The battle with Iraq and the Middle East continued. The US launched attack in Fallujah. The US Consulate was attacked in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. A US military base was attacked in Mosul, Iraq, and then a second battle of Fallujah took place.
  • North Korea let the USA know in no uncertain terms that it possessed nuclear weapons that it wasn’t afraid to use in self-defense.
  • Mark Felt, at age 91 and three decades later finally publicly admit to his anonymous role in leaking details regarding Nixon’s Watergate Scandal. He was the one referred to as “Deep Throat”.
  • There were several intense hurricanes that had devastating impacts on many homes and lives, with Hurricane Katrina in August 2005 being the deadliest. Since hurricanes exist partially due to raging winds, this is one of the dangerous natural manifestations of an afflicted air sign.
  • On the lighter side, Youtube went online for the first time. Uranus in Aquarius in harmonious trine to Jupiter probably had something to do with this.

I imagine that there are going to be some major Wizard of Oz type awakenings, whether for better or worse. The little guy on the other side of a screen holding up a puppet whose shadow appears enormous could finally be exposed. Perhaps he is smacked with an onslaught of tomatoes. Perhaps he discovers that he is far more entertaining and respected as he is than the show he has been putting on.

The Law of Attraction

Whatever we put out during Jupiter’s transit through Libra, we will get more of, so let’s choose wisely. It doesn’t matter whether one believes in karma or not. What I’m talking about is simply the law of returns. Cause and effect. The Law of Attraction has become a catchy New Age title referring to the fact that our focus tends to determine the quality of our experiences overall. We attract into our lives what we are most feeling, expressing, giving, and doing. Like attracts like, but so do opposites. Libra enjoys controversy and contrariness and there will be plenty to go around.

In the areas where there has been stalling, hesitation or failure to act due to fear, we will be challenged to rise to amazing new opportunities being opened to us. This doesn’t mean we should take every offer or put ourselves on the line. It just means we need to get out of our own way and get on with it.

In general there will be an inclination to relate to others in harmonious and gregarious ways. People will enjoy gift giving and celebration. With Jupiter in Libra we stand a high chance of actualizing our desires, particularly those that include others. When we we recognize our truth, our allies and our abilities we go for the gold!


5 thoughts on “Jupiter in Libra 2016-2017

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    • Health in general isn’t as much a highlight as it was with Jupiter transiting Virgo.
      Librans may need to be careful not to overextend or use up all of their energy and resources thinking the well will never run dry. Weaknesses are the lower back/extremities, kidneys and adrenals. Hydration will also be very important.

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