New Moon in Libra

The New Moon at 8 degrees of Libra on September 30th brings a breath of fresh air and levity to what have become very serious circumstances during the past several weeks. Being the second New Moon to occur during this month, the New Moon in Libra is referred to as a “Black Moon” in the Western hemisphere.

The New Moon is conjunct Jupiter, highlighting the various relationships shared on all levels. It will be a great weekend for romantic dates, parties, group performances and business collaborations. Libra’s ruling planet Venus is in Scorpio forming a harmonious trine to Neptune which elevates the senses and brings refinement to spiritual and artistic endeavors.

Although a main focus in Libra is upon achieving harmony in relationships, there is a deep inner aloneness that can be experienced in this sign, in reflecting its polar opposite Aries. Festivities, frivolities, and airy-fairy niceties aside, Libra is concerned with Justice.  It is a time for coming together and joining forces as much as it is a time for breaking ties that don’t reflect what is true and real. Of all the cardinal signs, this one has the least qualms about cutting loose any connections that lack fairness, integrity, and respect (after the pros & cons have been weighted a zillion times that is). If a contract seems out of date, it will be now be scrutinized and either updated or torn to shreds.

Mars, the ruling planet of Libra’s polar opposite sign entered Capricorn on the 27th and is being squared by the New Moon. There are several juxtapositions to consider before taking what may be “right action” in areas of question. There is good in the bad and bad in the good and nothing is completely one or the other. Mars in Capricorn gets down to business while Sun in Libra looks for ways to celebrate. There seem to be so much to do yet so little of that precious commodity called time. This adds extra tension to the decision-making process – one of Libra’s major challenges.

Saturn finds its position of exaltation in Libra and the Libra New Moon forms a trine to Saturn in Sagittarius. A voracious search for Truth is shared by both zodiac signs, even if for different reasons. This aspect could serve as a saving grace toward finally beginning to regain level-headedness and organization after the disorienting impact made by 3 eclipses in a row, Mercury Retrograde and the year’s final blow from Saturn’s square to Neptune in September.×600.jpg

The New Moon in Libra highlights the divisions within consciousness and the ongoing struggle to bring disparate parts into unification, or at least to enlist their cooperation. One of my spiritual healers told me once that although we must constantly seek for harmony and balance, it will never be fully achieved in the body or in this dimension. Seeking of harmony is part of the great work of the Soul. If that 100% perfect balance were to actually be achieved, it would set everything completely off again, thus the impossibility of this lofty ideal. Right now, polarizations of all varieties may be springing back and forth from opposite sides – from male to female, from intuitive flash to intellect, from defined structures to superfluous possibilities, from creative flow to solid formation.

In summary, there are so many cool things happening all of the sudden – so many options and opportunities being presented that one of the greatest challenges could be deciding which one or ones to act upon.


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