Holistic Counseling vs. Predictive Readings

painting by Stanley Mouse
painting by Stanley Mouse

This topic is a vast one that I won’t even attempt to cover in a single blog post, but it is one that I would like to share some thoughts about. There are many types of readings for many types of people, two of the most widely practiced being Tarot and Astrology. Readings can be done for entertainment or for serious counsel. Some readings focus on the timing of events, others upon current circumstances or abstract notions.

A reading is a rather intimate encounter with someone, whether or psychic or not, who has the potential to help or hinder the person who seeks guidance. In most cases a reading is best given upon request rather than imposed, and when the person who receives is capable of taking the information they are given and using it responsibility, weeding out the not-useful from the useful and actually applying some effort to change things they have the ability to change with their thoughts and actions.

Just as a person gets the most out of a visit to a doctor or healer by being prepared with issues or questions and the willingness to make adjustments in their life, a person gets the most out of a visit to a reader when approached with this sort of attitude. Check out the book The Timeless Counselor  by June Ahern for some great tips on how to approach a reader of your choice and get the most out of a reading.

One would do well to achieve a certain level of discernment in choosing a reader that they feel compatible with, and not to divulge their secrets to or seek advice from any glamorous reader or charlatan who claims to read the future or locate one’s soul mate. I’ve met plenty of good and bad readers out there, and over time I have mostly realized what not to do in a reading. I have observed words that I found to be hurtful, pointless, and offbase by quite a few. Some readers I’ve met are absolutely amazing, and I’ve had the fortune of considering a few of them friends.

See…words are often a key aspect of readings, and they have the power to manifest things, sometimes very rapidly. A reading can be an act of creation in some cases if the person receiving is very open to suggestion. With this knowledge, a reader carries a very great responsibility in their delivery of certain key words and interpretations of perceived reality.

I do not consider myself a “fortune teller” by any means, but a growing number of people have come back to me during the past couple of years expressing that the readings I gave them proved to be highly accurate in terms of life circumstances and outcomes of situations they previously struggled with. I have heard things like “Exactly what you said would happen happened, exactly when you said it would!”

I don’t advertize as a predictive astrologer or reader, but a major part of what I do is observe the direction of energy currents and offer solution-oriented ideas based on this. My disclaimer is that I am never 100% correct (nor is any other reader) and if someone does not like the direction things are taking, there are usually things that can be done to prevent or change them.

Just as it can be far more useful for a healing practitioner to take the whole person into consideration rather than zero in on just one body part, it can be hugely effective to take the whole person into consideration during a reading and not just one part of a person or what is visible and obvious (DUH!). This means taking into consideration body, mind, and spirit, past, present, future, the good, the bad, the ugly, the beautiful, or whatever else decides to make itself known, and to reflect these things back to someone in a clear, non-biased, compassionate way. It’s up to each person to do with the information what they choose, and as a reader I would rather help to influence someone in a positive and empowering way rather than instill a fear in them of what will happen if they don’t do the “right thing”, whatever that is. Ultimately, that must be decided upon by the querent.

Lastly, I don’t say “never” and I don’t say “definitely” in a private reading context (at least I make it a point not to) because these words tend to be frightening for most people – the opposite of empowering. Contrary to popular belief, this is not “sugar-coating” or “leaving things out”. This is what I call respect for a person’s ability to make up their own mind and carve their own destiny.

All of that being said, it’s that time of year again as the holidays approach and things get even crazier than they are for a lot of us…so I offer more reading Specials for those who are seeking for some clarity and a bit of peace of mind. From now until October 31st I am offering 25% off of 1 hour readings. Gift certificates are also available. You can contact me via blog or email readingsbyyerevan@gmail.com


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