New Moon in Scorpio – Buried Treasure

“Someone I loved once gave me
a box full of darkness.

It took me years to understand
that this, too, was a gift.”
Mary Oliver, Thirst

The New Moon at 7 degrees Scorpio on October 30th is a kind of beckon inward. It is an invitation to the Underworld or the Other Side – the side of life not normally seen, acknowledged or visited. For each person this Other Side will be experienced quite differently, according to personal values as well as tendencies and patterns that stem from the distant past. The veils are thin and our ancestors are more easily seen and heard now than at other times of year. Depending on numerous factors, the realm each of us enters may seem like a jeweled paradise, a blazing hell, or a rabbit hole that drops down to a land full of riddles. Perhaps it will morph and shift from one state to another.

A trine is formed to Neptune in Pisces and the South Node, further indicating that this New Moon highlights the incorporeal and strange rather than what seems obvious, tangible, and ordinary. The very close proximity to Mercury in Scorpio brings up as many new questions as it answers old ones. Tongues might be sharp and words may penetrate deeply. The etymology of words, their numerology, letter vibrations and other occult aspects hold special significance now. Dreams and visions may become quite vivid and reveal more than usual about what is going on beneath the surface of things.

Also attention-grabbing is what’s missing, what’s not showing up, and what’s not being said and expressed – especially things that are not so easy to hold onto or maintain because they are not solid and can’t be packed into bags and boxes. Some of the non-material things that are so desperately needed in today’s world are positivity, healing, kindness, love, and joy. There are many who enjoy and generously share these facets of life. There are even more to claim to but who fail to recognize that…

ignoring the “Negative” does not make it disappear.

The lace and flowers of the Victorian era could not eradicate disease by decoration alone, no matter how noble the attempts.  For some, it’s easier to just look the other way with a devil-may-care attitude, thinking “it’s not my problem and it doesn’t affect me so I’m not going to worry about it”. Others more empathic, vulnerable, or humanitarian might be motivated to do some spiritual homework to counteract the challenges they both face and witness.

A modern day emphasis on “White Light” has become a quick, New-Age cure-all for everything perceived as negative,  evil, and unpleasant in life. I’m not saying I’m against flowers, decoration or the power of White Light. I’m saying that to purposefully ignore something dark and malignant – at least in my own personal observations and experience has never made it go away. In fact the more I tried to ignore or cover it up in an effort to “look on the bright side”, the stronger it got. Wallowing in my misery never did any good either.

How fitting that asteroid Pandora now makes her way out of a conjunction to Jupiter in Libra that unleashed all sorts of crazy stuff into the air in October, but preserved a bit of Hope…that invisible something that sometimes makes all the difference in the world.

Here in America there is a great deal of tension about who will be elected as president (November 8) and it’s probably safe to say that overall – for the first time in the history of this country a great percentage of the population is extremely agitated by both candidates. We’ll see how it all pans out soon enough, but regardless of what happens in the weeks ahead, it’s a huge wake-up call that’s been a long time coming. That is because many people of this country are beginning to recognize the monsters that they have helped to create and are deciding that’s not what they want to do anymore.

In traveling the dark corridors of the Underworld or the Other Side, one must remember that many things are not even what they seem to be…but then again one could be walking in broad daylight on This Side and the same would be true! With this Scorpio New Moon, there are surely some surprises in store regarding perceived reality.

9b2ab780252648f4095d2080545512cbSo often there is fear and resistance against exploring the darkness. The very worst is expected and yet for those who are willing brave its depths, a whole world of possibility opens up. In the darkness certain treasures may be discovered that would never be revealed in the brightness of white light.

The journey may seem formidable and spooky, but in battling poltergeists and moving through cobwebs or murky waters we may have become more clear about the things we like and dislike –  and we may just have found gold. Our next task may be to disentangle from all of those things long enough to become aware of emotional reactions we have to what is not going our way and to what we feel is going against us.

In this undertaking there are different kinds and levels of resistance – both conscious and unconscious. It is often unconscious or subconscious resistance to what is that strengthens the problems, the lack, and the disappointment experienced along whatever path that is taken. When made conscious, resistance may automatically become transmuted into an energetic force for positive change, growth, and expansion.

All of this has been a roundabout way of saying that the days ahead may be filled with magic and mystery, intrigue and inspiration. Many things are not what they seem, and that might come as a relief or it might cause a riot. Allowing whatever comes up in thoughts and feelings in an uncensored way (but not necessarily spouting it all out randomly to whoever is there) will likely provide enormous insights that may be used to improve life circumstances.

Wishing all a blessed Samhain New Moon. May those who seek discover the precious jewels and timeless treasures in their Souls.


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