Full Moon in Taurus

“Satan always sends error into the world in pairs that are opposites. His great hope is that you will get so upset about one of his errors that you’ll react into the opposite one, and he’s got you.” – C.S. Lewis

pomiThe Full Moon at 22 degrees Taurus on November 13th/14th opposite the Black Moon Lilith is ripe like a red pomegranate freshly picked from the garden of Eden, ready to burst into a billion pieces and scatter itself across the universe. The current tensions between desire and aversion, fear and trust, love and hate seem powerful enough to destroy this world from the inside out.

The Full Moon’s semi-sextile to Uranus and Eris in Aries is no minor aspect in this case, as the influence of the Dark Goddess has full sway in post-election madness. Uranus in combination with the planet named after the goddess of discord and strife has been ringing in massive uprising this year and it’s far from over. Eris’s (aka Discordia) pain is that of being left out, demonized, marginalized and trampled upon. She may represent those who have been treated unfairly based on color, sex or class. But before anyone assumes who or what I am referring to, let’s not forget the manipulations used to confuse and misguide the masses like lemmings off a cliff.

We stand in the midst of an ancient religious rite – or more accurately, a riot. The customs and traditions of this riot have become so habitual and unconscious that tremendous measures would have to be taken to lift them into collective awareness. Humanity’s resistance to change is as mighty and terrible as God himself. But…as sure as the sun sets, as sure as the ocean waves crash upon the shore, and as sure as flesh dissolves into dust, change occurs.

Taurus is generally not “crazy about” change. Security and stability are worked for and often achieved under the influence of this sign. Drama tends to be avoided. The good things in life are savored. The bigger the change to occur the more Taurus may initially resist it. Eventually the change may be welcomed, adapted to, and even directed rather than shunned, but by that time it is no longer change per se but a person, thing or state of being that has been accepted as part of oneself.

One of the greatest troubles being experienced at this time of radical change is that of disillusionment. False security is being shattered on several levels post-mutable-Saturn square Neptune. That which appeared as trustworthy and benevolent is revealing its true colors. That which appeared as most awful, dull or mean is showing surprising new facets . All throughout 2016 the South Node in Pisces has been dredging up buried memories, trauma and forgotten gifts with a conjunction to Chiron during first half of the year and conjunction to Neptune (slowing down to turn Direct on November 19th) that began to peak during the Scorpio New Moon at Halloween. Talk about skeletons coming out the closet…

And the skeletons will continue to find their way out of hiding for the next several weeks leading into 2017. With Mercury in a separating conjunction to asteroid Juno in Sagittarius and sextile to Mars in Aquarius speech has been very relationship and group oriented over the past few days with a deep urgency to break free of hang-ups, censorship and other constraints.  The trickster planet will be slowing down on December 1st to turn Retrograde on the 19th in Capricorn. It will station Direct in Sagittarius on January 7th. Here comes the Grand Finale – are you ready for this!? This tops off this #9 year full of loss, endings, disappointment and Retrogradation in a major way. This won’t necessarily be bad but it will be a chance to review how far we’ve come, how much we’ve learned, and how much we are still holding onto that no longer serves us.

If there is any public stance I will take on the results of the US elections it is this: Violence does not solve anything. Street protests in general, threats, vandalism and other obnoxious crimes are a disturbance to the whole of society. Self-defense is one thing – a temper tantrum is another. Anger can be a catalyst for positive change or be painfully misdirected and accomplish nothing but destruction. Some people will undoubtedly be pissed at such a non-partisan statement and make false assumptions about it – that’s what people do.

Right now I’m more interested in what people do than what they say, including my own actions. I am watching our political leaders like a hawk watches its prey. What if more of us could watch our own reactions to it all? The Taurus Full Moon is a cosmic nudge for us to slow down and take inventory. What if more of us allowed our feelings to come and go and choose to take responsibility for what comes up for us personally as we witness both the ugliness and miracles unfolding? I imagine that then solutions to long-standing problems that far exceeded our expectations would begin to appear. There is always hope. That was the deal with Pandora’s box.

The Full Moon’s sextile to Chiron could help shed light on a few things that have become too muddy and complicated. It could bring some compassion where it has been sorely lacking.

Here are a few little tips that might be useful this holiday season. They are Taurus-friendly too:

Simplify. Get rid of junk but don’t try too hard. Just get comfortable, at least more comfortable than before. Not in the usual comfort-zone, stuck-in-a-rut way. But really – get situated somehow. Get favorite treats, candles, flowers, lace curtains, logs for a fire, whatever can enhance a state of wellbeing and enjoyment. Tell someone you love them. Pretend that there is no electricity sometimes – go without it for a night (no TV/computer/artificial lights/cellphones). Pay attention to sensations. Pay attention to breath. Eat dessert in the dark. Make Solstice greeting cards or presents to give away.

“Wherever you go, there you are”


3 thoughts on “Full Moon in Taurus

  1. A sublimely well thought through and eloquently crafted post which is sure to resonate with anyone and everyone who has been working upon raising their own vibration. Great work and share, thank you, regards, Barry

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