New Moon in Capricorn – New Solutions to Old Problems

Although the marker of certain somber events taking place the New Moon at 7 degrees of Capricorn on December 28th/29th is also the indication of a deep renewal on levels pertaining to livelihood and life calling. This is a time of year when more seem to wonder and ask who they really are, why they are here and how they can get to the next level from where they are. However, there has been a very tired, frustrated sort of energy in the air this holiday season with post-election chaos and Mercury Retrograde also in Capricorn.

The planetary ruler of Capricorn is Saturn which is associated with time, age, delays, limits, lessons and tests. Saturn has been squaring Chiron this month, a comet representative of the Wounded One or Healer in us all. The pain that has been felt in body, mind, and spirit as of late has been nothing new but a result of some very old issues being dredged up for possible resolution and release.

Just as Cancer signifies a sort of entry point, whether into the womb, into the world or into the Self, its polar opposite sign Capricorn can signify a sort of exit. What is being exited, left behind, brought to a close or a conclusion? It may not necessarily be something physical but a concept or habit that no longer feels appropriate. It is important to acknowledge whatever is on its way out and even grieve its passing if that is a natural emotional response. The suppression of emotions only cause stagnation in the long-run and this is one of the issues that this Capricorn New Moon is highlighting.


The asteroid Zeus is conjunct the New Moon, which further indicates very old energy dynamics at play, after all Zeus is a very old deity in Greek mythology. The god of sky and thunder, also known as Jupiter, was the head honcho and king of all gods on Mount Olympus. This fits right in with the Capricornian themes of authority, male dominance, politics and oppressive control in general. There is a lot to learn from past and present experiences relating to those in positions of power and the abuse of power. The theme of the Teacher, especially the one who is feared or shunned is highlighted too. Being able to channel anger responsibly and creatively during all of this is quite challenging. There are of course empowering possibilities with this New Moon as well as difficult ones. Those would include the discovery or revelation of new solutions to old problems – ones that have probably been tackled for many years without positive or satisfactory results.

The New Moon conjunct Mercury forms a sextile to Mars in mysterious Pisces. One thing’s clear with this and all of the Saturnian energy in full swing. It’s time to get down to business, to work for what matters, to get moving and do something about something instead of just think or speak of it. Whatever that is will be unique to each individual or group. Plans must be implemented, even if only small steps are taken in the direction of manifestation. Since Mercury is doing the backward thing, some steps may very well need to be retraced and certain things redone.

Meanwhile, Uranus which has been Retrograde since July 29th is stationing to turn Direct at 20 degrees of Aries . It is now directly opposite of Jupiter in Libra which could be why so many things in so many aspects of life (but mainly around relationships of all kinds) have just about reached their total extremes. These are the kinds of extremes that never occurred to most of us in our wildest dreams. Uranus lives for surprises and Jupiter won’t do anything in a small way. Just when you thought nothing more could possibly be any crazier or shock you or the world further, this aspect will come up with plenty of stuff to knock socks off and blow minds many times over, well into next Spring. So, get ready for a very interesting New Year to say the least!


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