The Path

A few thoughts have been percolating in my mind since Inauguration Day, mostly pertaining to my own personal experiences but also relating to the whole. They are about healing and how worthwhile the journey is, no matter how broken and uninspired one may feel. None of this is meant as full-on truth but only a perspective.


Some issues take longer to heal and improve than others. At times the efforts seem futile and exhausting…

Do not give up the pursuit of wellness on all levels. Sometimes it’s hard as hell to continue working toward wellness and its maintenance when everything seems to be going against it. Keep working toward it. Hard work eventually pays off.

It takes discipline to quiet the storms of the ego enough to hear the voice of the soul. It is not force but inner recognition born out of an ability to pay close attention that can quiet those storms. Paradoxically, the shock of force can sometimes be the catalyst for growth.

Healing in an individual, relationship or a society does not occur through resistance but through consciousness.

Whether the greatest struggle is with health, finances or a combination of several things, that they can indeed be healed or improved should always be remembered (with the exception of terminal illness and certain other endings). Prayers and affirmations may help, but only when combined with actions that are aligned with them. When consistent effort is made toward general improvement and self-corrective behavior, the fulfillment of most needs and many desires becomes inevitable.

Be Yourself. The more of your true Self that you embody the less harm you bring to others and yourself, and the less others are able to harm you. There is nothing to prove to anybody when you are Being your Self. Pain that was once crippling gradually fades. That which would not budge suddenly flows. Doors that were once closed and locked open wide. Conflict that seemed endless either ends or softens and reveals deeper meaning, cooperation and love.

Deal with emotions head-on. Don’t save them for other people, places and things that have nothing to do with what is occurring now. Find appropriate outlets of expression. These could be through music, sports, martial arts or other methods. Face the hurt, fear, betrayal and anger as they arise but don’t spread them like wildfire as they can become so easily when unchecked. Just as importantly, acknowledge your own negativity and don’t act like it’s not there. Living a lie is a major cause of many diseases and much unhappiness.

Nothing will ever be completely perfect. There will always be imbalance here. That is part of the life-on-earth experience. Gratitude for what is going right in one’s life tends to make up for that which is apparently going wrong. Own your shortcomings and mistakes (meaning take responsibility for them) instead of projecting them onto others. Ultimately the shortcomings, flaws and mistakes of others and oneself are interconnected – one set of shortcomings cannot exist without the other. They play into each other.

To help oneself is to help others. To tend one’s own wounds and purify one’s own space is to prevent the sickness of one’s body and mind from being further distributed to those who are vulnerable. Most people are. Personal gain and happiness, when genuine, leads to assisting others in achieving the same.

The path of combined self-corrective work and integrity may frequently feel lonely. It is however its own reward, that no other person or thing out there can ever replace. It is the path of the realized Self.


3 thoughts on “The Path

  1. Truth, thank you, Yerevan, for posting this. Realising the Self is most definitely ‘The Path’, and I liked the way that you have worded so many phrases in this article, especially…”To help oneself is to help others. To tend one’s own wounds and purify one’s own space is to prevent the sickness of one’s body and mind from being further distributed to those who are vulnerable…” Look forward to reading more!

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