Lunar Eclipse in Leo

“Resistance to the organized mass can be effected only by the man who is as well organized in his individuality as the mass itself” – Carl Jung

Gold Galaxy

The penumbral lunar eclipse is 22 degrees of Leo on February 10th, visible from several parts of the globe. Eclipses are much more intense than ordinary full moons and they pack a punch when it comes to “change”. This one provides the opportunity to clear out the burdens, baggage, and obligations from the past 6 months and even from the past few years.

The Sun in Aquarius highlights group mind and activity while its opposite sign Leo represents self-expression and fierce individuality. This super-charged full moon is an in-your-face, catalytic event bringing waves of shift and change in full force, making sure that everyone is aware of its presence.

A grand fire trine including Uranus in Aries and Saturn in Sagittarius spurs creative actualization while the kite aligned with the Sun cuts away at obstacles that stand in the way of achieving goals. If something long-delayed must be said or done, right about now would be good – this is not the time to hold back or stall. To do attempt to do so would probably cause serious implosions.

Everyone has a unique blueprint, history and plethora of reasons for why they think, look and act the way they do. Such uniqueness is particularly distinguishable under a Leo Full Moon. Whoever someone may happen to be, feelings and impressions seem very urgent now, and for valid reasons. Whether you’ve been dying to tell someone “I love you!”, or your hair is so out-of-control you look like Cousin It and need a haircut, or your dog needs medicine…you know what this means. It’s time. It cannot wait another day. Period.

Various forms of energy is bursting at the seams of perceived reality, just waiting to be fully released. Different possibilities for the explosive energy at our disposal include power struggles, emotional outbursts, massive destruction, major purging,  physical empowerment, spiritual revelation, genius and creative breakthroughs.

Uranus, the planetary ruler of Aquarius has been opposite of Jupiter in Libra since December 26th of 2016 and will be until September 28th of 2017. This intense aspect has been pushing for breaks from the norm and changes of climate, scenery and role-playing within relationships of all kinds, including familial, social and political ones, not to mention the relationships between the Earth and her inhabitants. The weather is not doing what is expected. The oceans, rocks, animals, and trees may be doing things differently that most have not paid attention to.

We need others just as much as we need some time alone. We have things in common as humans and we have our differences. Many are being called toward new kinds of relationships, new methods and environments in which to relate. The Full Moon’s sextile to Jupiter in Libra brings a bit of grace and temperance to help move through difficulties with others in our lives.

2016 was a #9 year in numerology and one of its central themes was loss and endings. Whatever broke last year, whatever fell apart that has served its purpose yet one is still holding on to must be released now. Then, the road will open wide for 2017 and a new life will open up…


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