Grief and checking in with a Chiron transit

Sun sGrief is one of the most difficult and painful emotions that any of us must move through at some point in life. It can be caused by a death, divorce, loss or betrayal so deep that it stuns the soul. The sensation of grief can feel heavy and dark or be shocking and short-lived. It can last for weeks, months, years or even a lifetime, with only brief intervals of relief.
Grief is something that many people appear to be experiencing at this time, each for different reasons although there is a collective theme of grieving for all that has been destroyed and lost in recent weeks. There is no one person or thing to blame for all of it. It is what it is, and it is better to acknowledge than to gloss over and suppress it. I have also been navigating through intense grief for quite some time for reasons that I have not been ready to articulate. There have been many moments of respite, gratitude and joy that remind me of the miracle of life, no matter how bittersweet or even awful it may sometimes seem to be. As for the lack of recent blog posts, I have been on a bit of a hiatus due to the need to tend to my life’s many recent (positive and progressive) transitions.
With the Sun moving into conjunction with the comet Chiron, now through the 15th many memories of loss, abandonment, sadness and humiliation may be rising to the surface. There is nothing wrong with reflecting on these types of memories or allowing the emotions to pass through as they may. There is the possibility to understand more clearly the mistakes of the past and to access the deeper wisdom and compassion that the sign of Pisces represents. The conjunction occurs at 24 degrees of Pisces, including the goddess asteroid Pallas Athene who represents wisdom, artistic expression, political awareness and activism. A square to Saturn in Sagittarius on the 17th is pushing buttons further and pointing out areas that still need clarification, healing and improvement.
The season of spring brings with it a certain vibrancy, energy and many revelations to ponder and integrate well into the later part of the year. If during this process, the grief becomes too overwhelming, a dosage bottle of the Bach flower essence Star of Bethlehem could be calming and aid in the ability to cope. This is one of the five flower essences included in the well known formula “Rescue Remedy”, and it specifically addresses the emotions of sadness, grief and trauma whether they are recent or distant with lingering effects.
I am working on some major life upgrades but more astro & other info from me is soon to come. Thanks for staying tuned!

2 thoughts on “Grief and checking in with a Chiron transit

  1. Thank you Yerevan’s! When you’re available & up for it could use a one on one, visit, girl friend, soul sister time. Loving hugs, Passion

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