New Moon in Aries

The New Moon 7 degrees of Aries on March 27th marks major new beginnings in what has already passed through several cycles of existence and is now ready to go to the next level. This is a thought in and of itself that can be quite maddening, if not exhilarating! There is a sort of urgency to relationship matters and endeavors in that they seem to be mightily ass-kicking and propelling at the same time. With Mercury having just entered the pre-shadow phase of a coming Retrograde (April 9th – May 4th) working its way into a trine with Saturn, persistence and patience are both required to get through what seems to be heaps of pressure and resistance. There are plenty of distractions, offers and invitations here, there and everywhere, all at once. The way forward, toward the goal seems like a trek up Mt. Everest. However, this is just an illusion. Because of this and the continued aftermath of Saturn’s separated square to Neptune in 2016, a spiritual or expanded view on both personal and world events would be more useful than mere mundane attempts to make corrections and improvements.

Jupiter Retrograde is opposite of Mercury and Uranus, moving into a square with Pluto. The tension of this configuration is so immense for some that a complete overhaul of what no longer fits or functions is absolutely imminent. When Retrograde, Jupiter’s generosity and strength is directed more inward than on outer success. Whatever is envisioned or worked toward may be achieved but not without questioning and testing.

The New Moon in a separating conjunction to Venus Retrograde also trines the Black Moon Lilith. A backlog of unfulfilled desires and wishes from the distant past are suddenly springing up from the murky well of a collective subconscious. This is allowing each person in each particular situation to reevaluate the worth and importance of these desires – are they still worth pursuing? If so, now it is time to approach them but in a different way with the skills and knowledge that has been gained over time.

The good news, at least from certain perspectives, is that with this New Moon the stuck is becoming unstuck. Not that this is comfortable for all, but many hidden intentions are becoming transparent and much that was covered up and distorted is being clarified. In politics and media this argument and exposure of “fake news” and actual events mixed in with propaganda has been causing a ruckus across the globe all year. Well, the fun has just begun! We’re not off the hook with the need for brutal honesty and getting the facts straight until Saturn exits Sagittarius at the end of the year.

Of course global elite criminals don’t want the average person to know what’s really going on so they muddy up the truth as much as possible to make it unbelievable and silly. Gullible people then take it and run – doesn’t matter if it’s good or bad. Without in depth research and some degree of academic background in history it is easy for people to be led astray in what has come to be called the Truth Movement. Many people take what they get from anonymous, sometimes well-meaning sources as quickly as they do in the Mainstream and they pass it around and around till it grows in epic proportions. Maybe this is what has to happen though for a greater “awakening” to occur. The awakening, as always, begins with the individual who takes the time to seek, allow and nurture it. It is easier said than done.

My stance on current events in a nutshell is that although what is going on behind the scenes is even more horrible than most people have imagined, there are many ancient barbaric practices that are on their way out. Those in corrupt positions are feeling extremely threatened so their tactics are becoming more forceful and bizarre. The battle of the Soul is full-on. There is as much a spiritual war taking place on Earth as there is a political and physical one. The real enemy of the people is not who most people think it is. The enemy is the ignorance of the masses preyed upon by a vast army of darkness. The outer reflects the inner. This is inescapable Universal Law.

Sorry this was not as upbeat as many of my previous posts. Just wanted to keep it real. There is always hope and life is not only what we make of it but how we see it at any given time. It is time for an expansion of perception that liberates instead of elicits fear. It is time to make something out of the pain, the mess and the cards of chaos that we have been dealt. It is time to recognize that anything is possible that you are a spark of divinity who has occasionally forgotten your gifts and abilities. What will you create next?


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