April Retrogrades 2017

“The only way to make sense out of change is to plunge into it, move with it, and join the dance”.- Alan Watts

Mercury is stationing Retrograde at 4 degrees Taurus, signaling a period of intense review from April 9th until May 4th. This is a heavy-hitting Mercury station for many reasons, one of them being that Taurus’s ruling planet Venus and other planets are also Retrograde at this time. The other is that as political gimmicks continue to escalate the world is increasingly gripped by terror and uncertainty. At this juncture, we realize that utmost trust and faith cannot be placed into any one person, system or organization. The construct of duality that we live in necessitates cyclic destruction and retraumatization as a way of coming to terms with earthly and egoic limitations. It tricks us into a mindset of relying on others for salvation, be they politicians, gurus, doctors, priests, parents or just about anyone who asserts a role of authority.

Investments of time, energy, and money as well as all personal values and assets are areas being reviewed. On April 21st Mercury will move back into Aries and the focus may turn more toward personal aims and ambitions. Blunt, aggressive or careless speech could be disastrous so it is wise to avoid conflicts if possible. Venus will also be Direct by then so expression and manifestation may become easier in some ways (Direct by the 15th). Currently, this planet of love is stationed at 27 degrees of Pisces in a touchy square with Saturn so emotions may seem somber or in some cases frozen. It is a time for introspection and reflection upon close personal interactions from this life and possibly from past lives.

The Sun is separating from an opposition just made to Jupiter but the effects of Jupiter’s opposition to Uranus is far from over this year. It began in December 2016, triggered a second rude awakening in March and will bring a third round of uproar in September. Beneficial possibilities include new inventions, potent collaborations and wild creative flow. In Libra, Jupiter seeks justice, mediation and law enforcement on a grand scale. Libra is about relationships and relationship contracts, whether they pertain to romance, business, or social movements. There have recently been and will be more explosions, power struggles,  projections, significant shifts and negotiations in these areas for many. The influence of Uranus resists laws and eventually breaks free of any type of constraint, especially in “do-it-myself” Aries. Controlled opposition forces on both sides of the governing establishment ensure that confusion and discomfort reign above all. History seems to repeat itself every time we think we’ve come so far, evolved so high.

Interesting to note that the Sabian symbol for Jupiter Retrograde at 18/19 degrees Libra is “A Gang Of Robbers In Hiding”. World bankers sequester themselves in the shadows with their grotesque grins while the attention for wrong-doings is continuously diverted onto less reserved creatures.

Saturn has just turned Retrograde at 27 degrees Sagittarius as of April 6th. This area, being aligned with the Galactic Center is a very potent spot and indicates a massive exchange of energy with cosmic forces that seem both familiar and unfamiliar to us. In these late degrees of truth-seeking Sagittarius, Saturn as Karmic Overlord and Taskmaster is shedding light on what got left behind or undone in the name of progress. There will be many opportunities between now and August 26th to make corrections and adjustments where necessary, to purify and heal, and to reroute energy into more productive avenues than before.

In about a week or so the preshadow of Pluto will begin to be experienced as it stations to Retrograde on April 21st, the same day that Mercury slips back into Aries. Can’t say that 2017 is any less intense and aggravating than 2016 but one of the major differences is that whether or not it seems apparent on the surface, there is much more movement there was one year ago. The transformation taking place is very deep and will significantly deepen in the months to come.

This month the North Node is nearing the end of its transit through Virgo, but for many there seems more of a mess than ever to clean up and simplify, more work to be done and more issues brought to our attention that need to be healed. These are not new issues but very old ones.

If you’re feeling these energies operating in full force, hang in there. Some treasure or insight that has long been buried may rise to the surface to be rediscovered and reclaimed. The empowerment this brings may be the real salvation, rather than some outside force or person that gives you permission to be who and what you already are.


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