Full Moon in Libra with some words about Equality

The Full Moon at 21 degrees of Libra, April 10th/11th opens up a can of whoopass in that iron-fist-under-velvet glove style that could have rippling effects throughout the week. Libra is a sign that is as much about payback as it is peace and harmony. It is a masculine air sign ruled by a feminine planet, which is another reason why it has come to symbolize balance. Right now the scales are tipping like mad and things need to be dealt with, measured out, distributed and organized ASAP.

Jupiter, the planet that heightens whatever it happens to  contact is just a few degrees behind the Full Moon which opposes Uranus, planet of reversals. All relationships, past, present and future are taking on heightened levels of importance. With Libra’s ruling planet Venus is in a square with Retrograde Saturn there is a bit of serious business to attend, which may or may not be enjoyable depending on personality types.

With the Moon in Libra opposing the Sun in Aries opposites can attract or clash. Emotions are running high in general, injustices keenly felt and observed. One of the biggest issues coming up now and until mid-October when Jupiter exits Libra is that of equality and equanimity within relationships.

Feminism & “Equal” Rights

Due to the recent craze of isms in America, I’ve thought a lot for several months about the roles we each play in our various relationships in both small and large ways. Issues of race, gender, religious and political ideologies continue to be subjects that cause more arguments and elicit more rage than most other things. As a Libran woman I’ve been especially intrigued with the subject of feminism, having seen this subject cropping up all over the place lately from people who both support and criticize it. So typical to my Sun sign, I’ve listened equally to angry women defending their rights and beliefs and to men and women who oppose feminism, offering their myriad reasons why. The time has come to spill out some of my thoughts about this.

First, let’s define feminism, at least as it appears on a Google search – “the advocacy of women’s rights on the basis of the equality of the sexes.”  Equality typically indicates a state of equality in value, status, rights and opportunities. This often seems like a brilliant idea until push comes to shove. It always involves a process and not an instant fix.

What about straight up respect though? Where does that come into play in all of this, because what it looks like is that generation after generation the respect between the sexes and races and even among the same sexes and races has become so diminished that humanity seems to be on the verge of losing itself. This is ultimately due to a loss of self and self-respect.

Time has revealed to me that certain things pertaining to the so-called rights of men and women are not what they appear to be on the surface. It has become apparent that men suffer just as much as women do in society and relationships but in different ways. Thanks to religion and other factors, there is and has long been a massive suppression on the sexuality of humans period, and once people grasp this the most effective methods of approaching the problems that erupt as a result become more clear.

Although I seemed to have come out of the womb a sort of feminist, with a certain wariness toward men, they eventually began to show up for me in ways that helped me to significantly shift my views about them. I now truly appreciate men in a broad sense. There are instances where their strengths make up for my weaknesses, and vice versa.

Shared Values and Respect

There have been many great heroines, women doctors, inventors, poets and warriors throughout the ages, but this post is not specifically about them. Women’s rights and achievements are just as important as are those of men but they have not always been honored as such. Women were not allowed to vote until the year 1920, when Pluto was making its way through Cancer, the most feminine sign of the Zodiac. But is voting truly the privilege that we make of it today? Electoral fraud in a primarily male-driven system of dominance has affected millions through the centuries. Now that Pluto is in Cancer’s opposite sign of Capricorn we are seeing some of the results of what was brought forth in that time with the feminist movement, and not all of it is pretty.

One of the greatest ironies I’ve noticed is that in their attempts to gain equal rights as women, many neo-feminists have sacrificed their own femininity in the process. Rather than helping to empower women they sometimes seem to subdue them further by focusing so much of their attention on “fighting the system” that they abandon their true gifts and kinship with each other. In some cases women are basically trying to be like men, right down to the business suits. A few are quite good at this, but why should this be the norm? Also, there can be so much back-stabbing among young women that aggressive feminism seems like just another cover-up for deep-seated insecurities.

Again, a question to ponder here is – where is the Respect? Some people demand it from another before they give their own false version of it. Groups often demand it from other groups. Women complain they don’t get it from men and men get angry when they don’t receive it from women. Many adults demand respect of children in condescending ways.

Let’s face it – sexism, rape, and misogyny are real. All around the world people, especially girls and women, struggle with these issues, in some areas more than others. I have had experiences of being ridiculed, targeted and verbally attacked by men throughout my life. This is partially because of having a petite appearance, but being able to turn into a mean pistol when crossed, more so the older I get. Men in general don’t like it when they objectify a woman and then get caught and slammed in their attempts to get their hands on her. Mistreatment by men happens to many women on many different levels. But so does self-sabotage, male-bashing, exploitation of male sexuality and many forms of emasculation. All of it needs to be addressed in mature, fair ways for there to be actual resolution and healing between the sexes, and this includes those of the LGBTQ community.

Generalizations vs Real Problem-Solving

Women can be very powerful and although their power has been increasingly acknowledged in today’s world there is still so much shadow around it. Womens’ power is feared rather than admired by many men and these are the men who seek to tear women down rather than help build them up. Even women tear each other down due to jealousy. Each gender has strengths and abilities that the other doesn’t, and these vary from individual to individual. One of the biggest differences between the two is obviously the birth-giving capacity of the woman. If both men and women truly honored each others’ differences and supported one another rather than competed for rights they could form amazing teams and collaborations. They could raise outstanding families. There is nothing they could not do together! The phenomenon is called cooperation.

Men who undermine, belittle and attack women need to be “put in check” immediately, according to the situation at hand and not merely through laborious social movements. This may seem like a crude analogy but if a dog misbehaves and you try to discipline it days later, will your efforts be effective? Not likely. These problems go around in a loop because men like this often got it from their early environment, and if they were able to get away with it repeatedly they will continue to find ways to get away with exerting their dominance in this way. If they can sway an entire crowd, it feeds their ego even more. These men will usually go after females who are easy prey, and if they choose someone who is more of a challenge it’s a game to them. Women who fall for this either lack adequate self-esteem or are simply naive.

Surely this may seem like preaching to the choir to some, but it needs to be said anyway: Putting all men into the categories of “predator”, “jerk”, “misogynist” and “control freak” just because as women we have had to deal with several of them is not fair to the male species. We don’t like it when we’re called bitches for being assertive or defending ourselves so let’s not assume to know the motives of every single man.

Perhaps for the very reason that I feared men so much as a child, there were many men who eventually appeared to me as very nurturing teachers, allies, friends and benefactors. They were not the types of men to think of themselves as “better” than women, yet were quite masculine and not afraid to exhibit those qualities.

I realize how controversial this topic is and no matter what is said about it some people are bound to be upset by it. Different points of view on difficult matters should be able to be shared whether people like them or not. There is a lot more to be said on the subject of equality, so much more than could fill this entire blog site. As for now, just getting through this Full Moon with Mercury just having stationed Retrograde is enough to work on 🙂


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