Full Moon in Scorpio – Psychic Currents

The Full “Flower Moon” on May 10th is 20 degrees of Scorpio, bright and potent, full of possibilities both dangerous and positively transformative. There are very strong psychic currents leading up to this moon so it may be very important to protect oneself from energetic forces and influences that can be quite disruptive in a number of ways. In addition we are still exiting from the post-shadow of Mercury’s recent Retrograde through Aries and this planet will be separating from explosive Uranus and enter an exact degree trine with Saturn by the time of the full moon.

It is also a deeply sensitive time as the nodal axis shifts from Virgo/Pisces to Leo/Aquarius. The Mean North Node shift occurred on April 28th. The True Node shift occurs on May 9th and the North Node will be transiting the sign of Leo until November 6, 2018.

Some resonate more with the mean versus the true method of calculating the moon, and in Vedic astrology the North Node has en entirely different meaning than it does in Western perspective and has also been in Leo since January of 2016. Whatever perspective one chooses, there is some relief in knowing there are patterns that can be measured, signs that help us to better understand our place in the Universe. Currently, I see that we are exiting a phase of intense purification, reliving the past, hypercritical behavior and perspectives, OCD, restructuring of the body, career, relationships and more (represented by the N. Node in Virgo) to a new phase of creative exploration, power struggles, love and romance, childlike wonder, a highlight on all of the performing arts in general, and hopefully more fun in general (represented by the N. Node in Leo).

Related imageThe asteroid Minerva is conjunct the Full Moon, indicating where some of the potential for strength and healing is to be found at this time of the waxing moon. Minerva, sometimes considered the Roman version of of Athena – goddess of wisdom and the arts, is a feminine emanation of divine wisdom. She is also a warrior, ever ready for battle and equipped for self-defense. Social justice is important to her. With the asteroid Pallas Athene in Aries exact opposition to Jupiter in Libra now it is fair to say that the goddess of wisdom is alive and afoot any way you look at her. She is ready to kick ass and take names!

Themes of legitimate anger and righteous rage are erupting from the hidden depths. Although caution must be taken in not doing harm to oneself in the process of confronting and taking on such inner motivating factors, they should not, and in many cases cannot even be ignored without severe repercussions.

Remember that one of the challenging aspects of 2017 is Saturn’s square to Chiron in Pisces. Wounds and toxins of the past, present and future are magnified and each person who is an awake witness to this has a choice. The choice is in whether and how to release or heal such wounds and whether and how to avoid the worsening of existing wounds or the manifestation of yet more harm and pain on a massive scale. It is no easy task. It is not for the faint-hearted and there are many who are feeling overwhelmed.

Below are just a few tips, tools, and suggestions for managing to maintain psychic integrity during the next several days.

  • essential oils from trees and resins (such as Pine, Spruce, Frankincense)
  • crystals that deflect harmful energies and psychic attack (such as Amethyst and Black Tourmaline)
  • flower essence of Black Cohosh by FES
  • clearing of one’s living or work space with the use of bells, chimes, or sage smoke
  • carrying of a personal talisman for protection – could be worn as jewelry
  • physical immunity can often be aided with supplements such Vitamin C, Zinc and lots of pure drinking water (best if it has been filtered and not contained in plastic)
  • keeping a salt lamp on in the evening
  • saying an affirmation of gratitude in the morning and a prayer for protection at night
  • whatever works best for you but remember to do it

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