New Moon Conjunct the Galactic Center

Anything is possible!

The New Moon at 26 degrees of Sagittarius on December 17/18th is a very potent one that supports renewal on all levels. It is conjunct the Galactic Center of our Milky Way, which in a positive sense can indicate heightened spiritual awareness, an increased flow of synchronicity and extraordinary manifestations. Exploration of new or old ideas and philosophies about life and the great beyond are surfacing in the collective mind. Because of this surge of expansiveness, it may be easier than usual now to reflect upon various experiences and to truly “see how far one has come” both in mundane ways and in the grand scheme of things.

Mercury and Venus are part of the stellium in Sagittarius, with Saturn at 29 degrees, getting ready to transition into Capricorn. The “Truth” has desperately been sought after these past couple of years, with “Fake News” taking on ever new strange and laughable meanings in our daily conversations, often witnessed or argued over in flaming verbal combat. Major aha moments have finally hit some of us. They have not all been so pleasant, but many have been liberating.

Uneasy as things are for many, there is a Cosmic shaking loose of many outworn patterns and harmful energies taking place at this time. In approaching the Winter Solstice (December 21st) it’s important not to hold on to what no longer functions, fits or serves one’s true purpose and nature, because that would only cause continued unnecessary pain and suffering. What would bring benefit is to clarify goals for the months and even years ahead.

A little bit of bravery is called for here to step into the unknown, to take a few reasonable risks…for the sake of learning, growth and empowerment.


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