2018 Package Specials!

Hello lovely people!

Currently I’m offering 2 incredible package deals for the year 2018! These offers are time sensitive and valid until February 1st.

The clairvoyant readings that I offer include perspectives that involve Astrology, Numerology and the Tarot. The readings may be used entirely for oneself or offered as gifts. They may be received in a general format or as a form of life coaching.

  • 3 readings valued at $100 per hour for $250 (saves $50) 

Preview Image

  • 6 readings valued at $100 per hour for $500 (saves $100)

Preview Image



These readings may be stretched out over 6 months or more. They must be received during 2018.

The prices of my readings will soon be raised so if a great deal is what you’ve been hoping for now is the time.

Wishing you a fantastic year filled with inspiration and prosperity!


If you are interested in future specials, events, classes and other offerings please send your email to ReadingsByYerevan@gmail.com


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