21 Questions for a 21st Century Divinatory Artist – by Astro Reporter Willow

Recently I was invited to participate in an online questionnaire by the Canadian astrologer, artist and activist Willow. She asked me some rather interesting questions!

Willow has undertaken this project among fellow astrologers and other readers to unravel the implications of having a profession that centers around the divinatory arts in today’s world. In essence, how does it work, what inspires this, how does the world respond, what are the results …?

Willow is a highly skilled writer and astrologer with very keen insights into human nature, ecology, and undercurrents of the political sphere. She cuts straight through the b.s. and into the heart of the matter whatever it may be, but also knows how and when to be gentle and encouraging. The reading that I personally received from her was refreshing, totally on point, and gave me clarity about where I was as well as a great overview of what was to come. I highly recommend her services.

Here is the questionnaire: http://willowsweb.blogspot.ca/2018/02/21-questions-for-21st-century.html

2 thoughts on “21 Questions for a 21st Century Divinatory Artist – by Astro Reporter Willow

  1. Thank-you so much for participating in this project, Yerevan, and thank-you for your thoughtful and honest answers, as well as the nice words about me! You are a true professional, and I would recommend your readings to anyone. I loved learning more about you and your practise! 🙂

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