Jupiter Retrograde in Scorpio

Those who are familiar with the word Retrograde in astrology often cringe when they hear it, especially if it’s associated with Mercury. When Jupiter goes Retrograde the good luck associated with this planet doesn’t stop but may actually increase. In the sign of Scorpio, Jupiter went Retrograde on March 8th until July 10th. During this 4 month period there are ample opportunities to correct, heal, and take responsibility for all the things and issues that have been “swept under the rug” for far too long. Although Jupiter does take on a more serious note when Retrograde it can assist in overcoming obstacles, and in the acquisition of good fortune and wisdom.

Taking huge risks (what Jupiter encourages) can be done in more of a thoughtful and slow manner, with less  repercussions for mistakes than if Jupiter was Direct. Because Jupiter is in Scorpio, there may be a lot of soul-stirring, deep introspection. This is likely to bring up discomfort in areas that have been stuck, un-examined or unloved. Feelings of guilt and remorse may arise when past behavior and its manifestations are observed in-depth. When the Shadow aspect of being is embraced it becomes transmuted and integrated with all aspects of the authentic Self.

To see how this Retrograde may be directly influencing you check your natal chart to see if there are any planets aspects between 23 and 13 degrees of Scorpio, or what house they occupy. The house and aspects indicate the areas currently undergoing refinement and tremendous change.

Whatever the rut, lack or area of challenge in life may be, Jupiter Retrograde in Scorpio will heighten awareness of it so that it can finally shift. Whatever it is that is truly desired will also be amplified on a conscious level. This Jupiter Retrograde asks, “So, how much do you really want it? What are you willing to release in order to receive it?”


image: Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory


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