Venus Retrograde transiting the Houses

Venus is “slowing down” to go Retrograde at 10 degrees Scorpio on October 5. It will affect each person differently according to the house or houses being transited. Often it will begin turning Retrograde in one house and then move back into the prior house, indicating a review of the themes related to both houses, as well as themes related to any planets in these houses and the aspects they make. By the time Venus returns to the same spot it was when it turned Retrograde there is usually a completion or resolution of some troubling matter. Venus is again 10 degrees of Scorpio on December 17th.

Venus Retrograde transiting the Houses

Venus Retrograde transiting the 1st house: Redefining your personal image. You may spend a few weeks making adjustments to your overall presentation or appearance, in order to maximize your effectiveness. Ridding yourself of certain objects or habits that inhibit personal expression or don’t reflect your true values.

Venus  Retrograde transiting the 2nd house. Reevaluation of your desires and personal values. Return of finances – to or from others (money coming in unexpectedly or going out by necessity). Resourcefulness is far better than overspending during this time. You could be fortunate in money by the time Venus goes Direct.

Venus Retrograde transiting the the 3rd house: Clarification of ideas and information that is especially important to you. Establishing boundaries with others. Reconnect with or release ties to family members. Getting to know more of your community. Laughter is medicine.

Venus Retrograde transiting the 4th house: Spending more time at home with family, or visiting family members. Pull back from draining activities. Making money from home. Possibly remodeling the home. It is a time of inner reflections about what is working or not. By the end of it many improvements will be made.

Venus Retrograde transiting 5th house: Return of creative inspiration, passion and love. Working less, playing more. This period is especially fun if life has been overly serious or stressful prior to this. Make up for lost time with a child. Reconnect with your Inner Child. A long held wish might come true.

Venus Retrograde transiting the 6th house: Desire to create harmony in work environments. Service given or received. Avoid being overly critical – seek solutions instead of just getting lost in problems. Possible favors from women. Making dietary and health improvements.

Venus Retrograde transiting the 7th house: Restoring relationship harmony. Return of partners, collaborations or affections. It can mean breaking up a fight, bringing peace to an existing social conflict. Personal renewal and empowerment. In some cases indicates a divorce.

Venus Retrograde transiting 8th house: Heightened emotions and reflection in general. Discovering where less is more. Possible loss or gain through legacies, inheritance of money or objects. Resuming a certain line of work. Reawakening of sexual energy or drive. Reclaiming power where it was lost.

Venus Retrograde transiting 9th house: Breaking out of monotony, claustrophobia or limited circumstances. Change of your daily routine as the desire for adventure increases. Possibly reunite with a loved one from another region or return to a beloved location. Possible re-appearance of a spiritual teacher.

Venus Retrograde transiting the 10th house: Restlessness in work or career. Possible power struggle in a relationship. The feeling of overexposure or not being able to hide. Great time to rewrite a resume but don’t submit it yet. Taking a bold stand in the world for what you truly value. Ambitions related to beauty, love or women increase.

Venus Retrograde transiting the 11th house: Reassess the company you keep. Redefine goals for the future. Reconnection with kindred spirits or groups. An old friend may return. Becoming less emotional and more intellectual. Resurfacing of hopes, dreams and wishes.

Venus Retrograde transiting the 12th house: Simplifying what has become overly complicated. Karmic returns for past actions in the realm of the affections, whether positive or negative (most likely positive). May indicate charity or selfless acts given or received. Less outgoing, more introverted and meditative.


4 thoughts on “Venus Retrograde transiting the Houses

  1. Hi there, once again Venus R is upon us. I was born with my Venus in R (16Sco) and this retrograde in Gemini starting today will be transiting my 11th natal house. Can you help those of us with Venus R in our birthcharts to navigate these waters?

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