Jupiter in Sagittarius – Anything is Possible!

Jupiter is leaving Scorpio on November 8th and reentering its home sign Sagittarius after 12 years. Phew! Since October 10th of 2017 we have plummeted the depths of Scorpio’s realm of seduction, where secrets and scandals were revealed. Many external activities came to a halt and yet we were given opportunities to regenerate ourselves on cellular and spiritual levels. After a long period of being inward in expression, Jupiter is coming out and encouraging us to explore the world and all of its myriad possibilities. It will be in Sagittarius until December 3rd of 2019.

First, the not-so-exciting news is that the early phase of this transit may seem burdened by Mercury going Retrograde in Sagittarius on November 16th, a week after Jupiter enters this sign. Maybe Jupiter will help lighten the load and the mood during what’s normally considered to be a cycle of mishaps and misfortune.

Jupiter rules both Sagittarius and Pisces and is the planet associated with higher learning, travel, abundance, adventure and opportunities. In some ways it also relates to spirituality. This transit is going to renew peoples faith and enthusiasm about life and the future. Instead of focusing intensely on all of the problems and nearly drowning in them, the problems will be regarded more like games or puzzles to solve. A sense of daring replaces a sense of doom, and the courage to confront challenges instead of shrinking away from them is likely to yield positive results.

What do you recall feeling and experiencing overall in 2007? That was the last time Jupiter transited Sagittarius. Even if that was a difficult year for you, this year won’t necessarily be a repeat of the past. People may wish to study a new language, visit a foreign country, or otherwise immerse themselves in a particular culture, religious setting, or simply the great outdoors – the wilder the better. Philosophy is also higher favored with Jupiter in his own sign. This is the year to take reasonable and even a few almost unreasonable risks, for the sake of growth and expansion.

Jupiter is much more “at ease” in Sagittarius, where the natural optimism that this planet represents becomes obvious. The main danger here is that it’s easy to go overboard with just about anything, because Jupiter just doesn’t know when to quit. Nothing is done in a small way, to the contrary everything must be loud, grand, regal and far-reaching. His powerful influence can make one feel invincible, on top of the world, confident and proud. This is not necessarily always a bad thing but the exact context and situation would make all the difference.

Throughout 2019 the biggest challenge that Jupiter poses is a square to Neptune in Pisces. The first hit is mid-January, the second mid-June and the last one September 21st during the Equinox. That’s a lot of Jupiter energy right there to contend with, which isn’t terrible but has it’s downside. Mixed with Neptune the atmosphere will be ripe for charlatans, shills and cult leaders of all stripes to throw the wool over peoples eyes, as people are more likely to be easily bamboozled than usual. Watch out for overly cocky types or those who appear to be so spiritually advanced as to be elevated above the rest of us. There may even be false UFO and ET claims circulating through the media, ultimately to delegitimize their existence.

Going forward with new plans and activities will be much easier in 2019 than it was in 2018 and much of this is thanks to Jupiter’s transit through Sagittarius. Childlike joy, innocence, curiosity and playfulness will make a comeback in even some of the most sourpuss folks. Jokes will become funny again and more fun will be had overall.


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