Chiron 29 degrees of Pisces – Tying Up Loose Ends

Chiron’s final sweep through the last degree of Pisces accentuates all the qualities of this sign, both positive and negative. It makes everything pertaining to the Piscean themes of sacrifice, addiction, escapism, transcendence, loss, and alternate realities seem more intense and awesome. Whatever is going on now and has been since the beginning of the month seems more consuming, painful, magical, or nebulous than usual. Some people are blissfully carrying on while for others everything just…hurts. Really bad.

The good news is that this too shall pass. Hang in there. Every day is a new day. Remember that failure is sometimes what ultimately leads to success and greater understanding. Good fortune could be just around the corner. When one door closes another one opens.

Pisces is a water sign, ruled by Jupiter and Neptune. Jupiter pertains to travel, the higher mind, education, expansion and opportunities. Neptune relates to water, illusions, mirrors, tears. Weather and water related disasters have been extreme and emotions have been running high. Dreams are vivid and strange.

There may be many completions that you’ve been struggling to make with people, places, things, habits, feelings or ideas. It’s time to let go and move on. Trust the inner voice of wisdom that speaks to you from within your heart. Your place in the universe is unique and you may not realize how it helps those around you.

The Wounded Healer comet has been transiting Pisces since April of 2010. It briefly entered Aries last year, in April 2018 but then went Retrograde moving back into Pisces on September 26. It will reenter Aries on February 18th and transit this sign until 2027. More on this transit later.


One thought on “Chiron 29 degrees of Pisces – Tying Up Loose Ends

  1. I have natal Pisces Moon, conjunct Jupiter and both planets squaring Neptune. I’ve been struggling with a life-long addiction which I am finally overcoming after many failed attempts in the past. Its ironic that this is occurring when Chiron(the wound that brings wisdom) is very late in Pisces. I think these Piscean issues are greatly exaggerated in me(fantasy vs. reality, dreams/visions vs. concrete realization) because of the conjunction and square to both planets associated with Pisces. But for the first time in my life since I was a teenager, I feel I am graduating from this phase. Its amazing how inner processes correspond in some mysterious way to the energies of the cosmos.

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