Beware the Jupiter/Neptune Square!

Something worth bearing in mind as the media continues to barrage us with increasingly shocking imagery and claims is Jupiter in Sagittarius’s square to Neptune in Pisces this year. This aspect is making it rather tricky for people to see things as they are, especially those things pertaining to politics and religion. As usual we are told certain things but much information is missing or misconstrued. That is true now more so than usual however, and this could apply to both negative and positive situations. This elicits extreme reactions and unnecessary conflict. Be aware of false promises and projections that cloud judgment. The first Jupiter/Neptune square hit was January 13. The second is coming this June 16. The third and final square in 2019 will occur on September 21 just before the Autumn Equinox.

Sure, good things may come of this as well but it is important to be on guard for the many things that could go wrong. Jupiter and Neptune can elevate the ideals, and increase the desire for truth and higher learning. Some of the best uses of this combination would be toward artistic expression, philosophical musings, thinking and moving “outside the box” and spiritual development.


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