The #3 year in Review 2019

This year is less than halfway over and already so many manifestations of the 3 vibration have appeared. Outward, masculine and Martian in nature, the number three seems paradoxical in that it is represented by the third Major Arcana card of the Tarot, the Venus-ruled Empress.

I recently shared a thought-provoking conversation with the Tarot reader Jillian Malone, in which we reviewed some of these manifestations of the number 3 and the Empress. Just to briefly recap and add to what was said. These are some of the highlights of this year coming more sharply into focus now:

  • The female in all her phases – Maiden, Mother, Crone
  • Relationships to women, mothers, daughters, sisters, wives, girlfriends, friends, etc.
  • Female authority figures, female politicians, female figureheads
  • An emphasis on over-feminization in fashion and culture
  • Domestic issues related to females
  • Environmental issues, a focus on agriculture, permaculture, gardening, etc.
  • Religious leaders, religious creations (like churches) and figureheads, saints, angels
  • Multiplicity, abundance, excess
  • Ambition and versatility
  • Enthusiasm and inspiration
  • Music and the arts






There are 3 Major Arcana cards with the number 3 vibration. These are The Empress – the female, love relationships made, strengthened or broken, The Hanged Man – surrender, shift of perception and transition into the unknown, and The World – the culmination of a major cycle and beginning of another, or returning to a point of origin which could mean one’s original home, the afterlife, or merged with Divinity.

Astrological influences that coincide with the themes above are the transit of the North Node in Cancer. This implies being in transition, from one home to another, one long-standing state of being to another, or in some cases one gender to another. One of the lesser known attributes of the three is the symbolic death of the ego, which is reborn in some other form. Since Cancer is ruled by the Moon it can mean being caught up in a lunar-induced trance, unsure of the difference between what is real and unreal. Uranus, the planet of shock and change is now transiting Venus-ruled and earthy Taurus. Venus is Direct all year which is a relief but does not necessarily mean smooth sailing the whole time. It just means all is moving forward with regard to the archetypes and energies that this planet represents, for better or worse.

Astrologer Adam Gainsburg has written a book called Light of Venus with an interesting take on this planet’s cycles and significance in relation to feminine expression.

The number 3 is like a launching pad into something else, whatever that thing, person or situation may be. It is not settled and secure, but restlessly seeking, enterprising and eager for new experiences. There may be a lot of free-floating anxiety but there is also great potential for creative expression and self actualization.


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