Mercury in Cancer – Speak from the Heart

Mercury enters Cancer today, shifting random thoughts and conversations into emotional musings and guarded responses until the 26th of June. Mercury, the planet associated with mental processing and communication becomes somehow less concerned with hard facts and more aligned with moods, needs and longings in the watery domain of Cancer. This is the sign of the child, mystic, poet and dreamer and it can inspire us to dream a bit more about what we would like to experience rather than to obsess over what we fear.

Mercury moves into conjunction with the North Node and trines Neptune mid-month, stirring the creative imagination and the impulse to put ideas into action. The tricky part is that Mercury also moves into conjunction with Mars while also opposing Saturn and Pluto. This combination could bring up some heavy memories, elicit worry or trigger strong reactions from unexpected sources. Then again it all depends on circumstances and the attitude taken overall.

It may be easy to blurt out senseless words and accusations during a period such as this. It is important to remember that when others do this to us, they are usually not operating with full awareness. They could be just projecting instead of reflecting. It’s a common human flaw.

We’re moving into the next season which is Summer in the Northern hemisphere. There is a much change in the air. There is a lot of coming and going home, maybe we have family visitors or are visiting others. Although many uncertainties and irrationality in general may seem predominant during this time, authenticity is the magic key to dissolving the hooks and snares that others shoot out. Intuition is suggesting something or perhaps several things through symbols, hunches, and synchronicities and it’s impossible to ignore. Rehearsed words and strict logic will not yield the desired results now. Speak from the heart.




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