New eBook: Moon Signs and Family Dynamics πŸŒ™

Hello and happy 4th of July to those of you in the U.S! Within the past few weeks I’ve worked intensely on writing this eBook to bring forth what seems like a lifetime’s worth of weaving my way through the mists and mazes of the Moon and it’s shadows. The mad idea popped into my head last month and it really just seemed like the right time to do this. When close to finishing I realized how perfect it would be to release it between two eclipses involving the Moon-ruled sign of Cancer.

As the title suggests, this content is focused on the Moon in relation to family dynamics. As we all know, family can be some of the trickiest people to deal with. They tend to push our buttons like no others out there in the world. This ebook is an astrological guide for understanding and working through difficult family relationships with greater hope and joy. It includes descriptions for the Moon through the signs, and aspects to the planets, lunar nodes, asteroids, Chiron and the Black Moon Lilith as well as aspects in synastry.

You can find the Kindle eBook on Amazon (which might take a couple more days to become available for purchase) or if you don’t have an account with Amazon you can order a PDF from me directly.


Thanks for your support! I welcome your feedback.



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