Lunar Eclipse Capricorn – Recalling a Sense of Meaning and Purpose

The year began with a Solar Eclipse in Capricorn on January 5 and will come to a close with a second Solar Eclipse in Capricorn on December 25. Eclipses in general are known to rock the status quo and to reveal deeply hidden processes, and in some instances hidden resources. Capricorn is focused on the building blocks of major operations, corporations and productions. A Lunar Eclipse 24 degrees of Capricorn on the 16 is fast approaching and is bringing that Capricornian influence to the fore. All of these intensely dominant nuances could be helping us to prepare for the upcoming Saturn Pluto conjunction of 2020.

Negatively, this particular eclipse forms a conjunction to Pluto, the South Node and Saturn which is pulling up a lot of garbage from the past. On the personal levels people may be feeling very much reminded of their limitations or past failures. The dirt on several corrupt figureheads is being exposed, and it’s all according to the plans of higher ups. Positively, this is an invigorating time to be alive. We have tools and opportunities at our disposal that our ancestors never had access to and we can use them to heal ourselves and our world. Instead of reacting to old ghosts with fear we can help escort them onward in their journey and out of our way.

The last lunar eclipse at 24 degrees of Capricorn was on July 16 of 2000. There may be some recurring themes around what was happening in your life then popping up this month. A key occurrence in the summer of 2000, July 7 was the first draft of the Human Genome Project which caused a huge stir in the scientific community. DNA would also be linked with the axis of Cancer and Capricorn. Now things have advanced to the point where people are being digitally monitored from nearly every angle and “Smart” appliances threaten to dominate every aspect of their lives.

Recently, many of us have grown tired of tears and knee-jerking news but it’s important to stay awake and not look for emotionally numbing escapes from our current dimension of existence. We are definitely at a critical turning point when it comes to issues of control and hidden power structures. Those who have clutched the collective in their crooked claws for what seems like eons are struggling to maintain their grip. The hard facts about their unscrupulous behaviors will continue to surface even more in the months ahead.

At the beginning of the month when a pedophile from South Wales was arrested after at least 158 online offenses against children, I knew that there would be similar cases to follow that would probably be more intense. This was actually something I spoke about in a recent video upload (Astrology, Herbs and Essences for July) but then decided to delete at the last minute. It was a section about injuries to children being exposed again in a big way. I just didn’t know who and how.

Sure enough, Jeffrey Epstein was finally caught. Many have been aware of the Epstein and Clinton scandals for several years which received even more publicity around the time of the elections between Hillary and Trump. Pizzagate/pedogate was finally being exposed but also mocked and ridiculed as some kind of incredible conspiracy theory. It would seem that the crimes commit by Epstein should not even be up for debate in court. The evidence is abundant and clear! Also, who else took note of the strange gold-domed temple on his private island?

On a smaller scale but equally relevant, Pop singer R. Kelly (a Capricorn) has faced charges on child support issues in the past and was just recently arrested for child pornography and other sex charges.

The Lunar Eclipse, including Pluto, the South Node and Saturn form an opposition to Venus in Cancer which may have positive implications for those who are happily involved or seeking to establish stronger bonds but could cause a lot of disruption for those with relationships that have already been on the rocks for awhile. Either way people are challenged to face outer rules, regulations and traditions that have stood in the way of their relationship goals. The Eclipse is also opposite of Mercury Retrograde in Leo so beware of emotional dramas and miscommunications that could blow up.

One of the major highlights that could be easy to miss amid all the noise and chaos this month is that of coming into a greater sense of purpose. That applies to everyone on this planet who is paying attention. Each person has a unique purpose to fulfill and brings something special to the table. There are myriad distractions to doing so because we live in a world where the rules and regulations imposed upon us don’t allow much freedom of movement and expression. However, it is increasingly important to speak and live our Truth.

A helpful exercise in recalling, coming into awareness of or honoring a personal sense of purpose is that of creating a collage in the shape of a tall tree or mountain. It could be made from magazine scraps, or various fabrics and other materials. Perhaps it is simply jotting notes in a journal. While piecing together a compilation that represents your overall purpose or combined purposes you could meditate upon all of the steps that you have so far taken to arrive where you are, all of the people who have helped and have seemed to hinder you but actually made you stronger, and all of the goals still on your list to achieve. What are the next steps to be taken along the way?

Every now and then we need to be reminded of the amazing things we are capable of when we really focus.


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