Pondering the Venus/Mars Conjunction

art by Andrew Gonzales

I’ve been deeply pondering the possible meanings and manifestations of this month’s Venus and Mars conjunction, which is an aspect that occurs every other year. On October 5th 2017 the conjunction was at 18 degrees Virgo. On July 13 of 2021 it will occur at 19 degrees Leo. On August 24th it will occur at 4 degrees of Virgo. After several days of reflection upon this, I have come to the conclusion that part of the significance of this upcoming conjunction that follows Venus’s shift into Evening Star mode is that of healing wounds between the feminine and masculine aspects of consciousness. Virgo is the facilitator of this healing, serving as a bridge of communication between what has seemed or felt like broken parts, disjointed pieces that once made up the wholeness of being.

Currently Venus and Mars are both transiting Leo, and so their expression together is exuberant and fun-loving. The asteroid Juno is closely involved throughout this transit signifying that commitment to serve, improve and grow in partnership is heightened. Venus is the goddess of love and reveals our true values while Mars is the god of war and progress, igniting our passions as well as our urge to overcome obstacles and excel. When these two unite, they can become impulsive in matters of the heart or flesh. However, in the sign of Virgo the energies of both planets can become either thwarted or highly refined, and this is especially so when they are in their Evening phases. In Virgo, Venus shows affection with practical help and gifts. In this sign, Mars busily goes about setting things straight, cleaning them up and increasing their effectiveness.

Looking back almost a couple of years ago, there may have been wounds incurred leading up to the last conjunction between Venus and Mars. In its most negative expression and being opposite of Pisces the “savior”, Virgo can be the “victim”. It could be that the wounds that were experienced during or leading up to that conjunction are coming up now for healing, or that psychological healing in general has become a focus. It may or may not be easy to realize the genuine worth of the experiences that we have had, especially if they were painful. Depending on what people were and are going through, the current build-up could be blissful, bittersweet or totally wild. New forms of beauty and strength are coming into view in our projects, relationships, and lives overall but they require a new approach to be brought to fruition. The old ways of doing things won’t work. The new ways may seem so uncomfortable at first, but it could be that fear of failure is a primary cause of discomfort.

In this day and age when people have become more divided than ever in race, sex, class and creed, there is a need for people to remember who they are and to know their own personal worth in the midst of all the clamour. This is what the Venus and Mars conjunction is bringing to light. In this time when misogyny takes the form of twisted political gender games, exploitation and continued villification of female egos and psychology, and when feminism and misandry lead to the feminising of men and boys in order to squash their masculinity, we have become a weakened race, no matter what is the color of our skin or what belief system is adhered to. When sado-masochism rules the world, it turns to darkness and devours the souls within it.

The archetypes of Venus and Mars on some level represent the rekindling of the alchemical and Sacred Marriage within. When this blending of the feminine and masculine have harmonized within us we are greatly inspired and see the world with new eyes. We feel differently about ourselves. We treat others differently than we did before. When the feelings of revenge, lust, and greed are replaced with actions toward self-betterment and compassion for all living beings, the most base elements of the Venus/Mars conjunction have become transmuted. There is hope for a healed and harmonious world.

I refuse to give up on this hope no matter how bad things are or how bad they get. So with these reflections I offer the prayer for love, peace and beauty to blossom between the sexes and all of life on this planet and beyond.


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