Full Moon in Aquarius 2019

On August 15th, the Full Moon is 22 degrees of Aquarius. Friendships, goals and forming alliances are key highlights! This Moon falls on a Jack of Clubs day, which greatly heightens mental faculties and inspires the creative imagination. This is yet another reason to expect the unexpected, since Aquarius is ruled by shocking Uranus and the Jack of Clubs represents a rather electric and unconventional type of mindset.

The Moon makes an opposition to Venus, asteroid Juno and Mars in Leo, stirring up much social activity. In particular, it suggests there are some big questions that people may currently hold around their love interests or loved ones in general. The closure of a major relationship cycle is taking place and it may suddenly seem as though we are preparing to dive deep into the next one which is a bit quieter and has an emphasis on gathering resources.

While excitement is in the air this week and likely lots of conversations being shared, you may feel called to go somewhere or do something to replenish your energy. A T-square is formed with asteroid Vesta in Taurus and the Sun and Moon, signaling the importance of going inward during this time to listen to the still small voice within instead of drowning in the collective mind. Whatever is most sacred to you is what asks to be honored and nurtured.

With Jupiter having recently turned Direct and Neptune still Retrograde there is growing clarity around many areas that have been foggy or vague but the square between these two planets continues to play on many hopes, fears and misjudgments. Aquarius’s ruling planet Uranus just went Retrograde the same day Jupiter went Direct on the 11th, and you may have noticed a few strange happenings lately that can’t seem to be explained.

Overall there is a strong focus on uniting with kinfolk, and working together toward achieving mutual goals and wishes. For some it may be that work involves more group endeavors or events than usual. Healing may be directed more toward mental and emotional wounds, or issues related to the throat chakra and third eye. Wearing or working with the stone Aquamarine, Iolite or blue Apatite may be particularly helpful now. A mugwort bath or tea may be helpful in bringing psychic clarity. It can also help with recalling dreams which may be significantly steeped in symbolism around this time.

Some other ideas for how to handle the energies corresponding with this Moon and day: think and act “outside the box”, go somewhere you haven’t gone before, get to know someone new, review and update your goals for 2019, rekindle your childlike wonder in nature. Be aware of shady characters, but don’t get caught up in paranoia. Practice random acts of kindness without being seen.


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