Mercury Transit 11/11: A Change of Perspective

Today Mercury has begun transiting across the Sun, making its closest passage to the Sun since 1973 and before the year 2190, according to astronomical sources.

Due to Mercury’s Retrograde motion in Scorpio the impact of this transit is extra profound. This event is also occurring just a day before the Full Moon in Taurus, and amplifies all thoughts, emotions and endeavors over the next few hours leading up to it.

The transit of Mercury to the Sun could be said in effect to be a sort of eclipse by Mercury, bringing about radical changes in perspective, deep insights, messages from beyond, and life-altering “AHA” moments.

This could mean that:

  • long held views on certain topics are changing
  • hidden agendas are surfacing
  • solutions to old problems are appearing
  • warnings and guideposts make themselves known
  • important messages are being conveyed
  • inspiration lights up your heart and life

Don’t shrug off those nagging hunches as insignificant…it is becoming loud and clear that some things cannot be ignored any longer.

Jupiter is also nearing the Galactic Center which raises the chances of receiving highly important information at this time. This information, whatever it is, is unique to each person, family, country, group or region being registered by them in their respective ways. It is likely to be a combination of helpful and disconcerting at the same time.

Meditation, mantras, prayers and other forms of introspection may be helpful in being able to more clearly decipher the messages and insights coming through this week.


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