Willow’s article: Jupiter in Capricorn and the Truth About the Forced Vaccine Agenda

Check out Willow’s article about some of what the Jupiter in Capricorn transit is bringing to light:

Jupiter in Capricorn and the Truth About the Forced Vaccine Agenda

MEDICAL DISCLAIMER: The info below is not health or medical advice. I am simply utilizing my right to free speech, research and opinions.

For those wondering what exactly does a vaccine contain, check out any medical so-called fact sheet that is quickly accessible on the net. It will say that the aluminum boosts the body’s immunity but multiple tests have shown aluminum does exactly the opposite of that, not to mention it has long been a suspect of brain damage and Alzheimer’s disease. It will say that the formaldehyde helps to kill viruses, but fail to mention how toxic this substance is to the liver, gastro-intestinal tract and immune system. It will label mercury as thimerosol, and suggest that this will help to avoid contamination. Mercury is actually one of the most deadly things to consume, and the body has an extremely difficult time getting rid of it, if it ever does. Some studies have shown it to be the cause of permanent nerve damage.

One of the huge talking points among those who push for the mandatory vaccine agenda is Herd Immunity. This idea is total hogwash. It does not take into consideration any of the unique characteristics, habits, environments and other details that would make any person of any age vulnerable to disease. From my observation, just because a person has been vaccinated does not mean that they help prevent others from becoming sick.

It’s that time of year again when a lot of people are coming down with viruses. With this of course, there is also a lot of fear-mongering going on to push the vaccine agenda onto millions of people. Thousands have died from common illnesses such as the flu. Hospitals and drug stores have hung up signs saying “fear the flu, not the shot”.

But why are some people affected and not others? This is what Big Pharma never explains. Not really, in any in-depth way.  The reason is actually quite obvious. People are weakened by a multitude of different factors from environmental toxins such as petrochemicals and GMOS, from emotional stress (marital, family, work, etc), poor hygiene, trauma, parasites, and much more.

There are better ways to boost immunity. There are many options available for those who seek them out. Don’t be bullied into thinking that vaccines are the only way to protect yourself against disease. Take charge of your health and life. Yes it’s hard for those of us who already have compromised immune systems due to our upbringings or other misfortunes. Don’t give up. Do your own research; don’t accept what the media just hands to you on a false golden platter. Whatever substances you put into your body should always be your own choice.

This holiday season remember your health rights. Willow hit the nail on the head yet again…


13 thoughts on “Willow’s article: Jupiter in Capricorn and the Truth About the Forced Vaccine Agenda

  1. Thanks for sharing the article and for sharing your own analysis and insights, Yerevan! There’s a really terrifying push for mandatory vaccination going on right now, and that policy would kill and disable many, many people…myself included. It’s terrifying for anyone who opposes mandatory injections and medical procedures, but it’s especially terrifying for people who have already had severe or near-deadly reactions to vaccines or pharmaceuticals (or whose children have already had bad reactions).

    One additional possibility I’ve seen as far as why some people are badly affected by vaccines and pharmaceuticals and others are not is that a detoxification pathway in the liver is mutated or damaged in some people and not in others. I’ve seen the MTHFR pathway mentioned a lot in fluoroquinolone antibiotic groups, in particular. In this case, the liver can’t process the toxins from the drug/vaccine.

    For anyone interested, Yerevan and I did a Dark Moon podcast on the subject in May 2019: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wDRTobvzyKo

    • It’s a huge battle! I probably should have made more clear that I was referring to what makes some people more vulnerable to diseases than others. But you pointed out something important and often overlooked which is how difficult it can be for the compromised liver to process additional toxins. Glad you brought this up. Hopefully more folks will start looking into it.

  2. Yes, that’s the terrible truth. This has all been part of an orchestrated plan against humanity. The subject matter itself is now considered to be “divisive” (as if to say we shouldn’t be arguing against it) which is a sign of a hidden control mechanism at work. Some people out there think those who oppose vaccines for any reason should be treated as terrorists. They actually blame antivaxxers for the deliberate spread of sickness and disease. Insane! I’ve seen some outright abusive comments made by these extreme pro-vaxx people and it’s astounding that they convince so many people of their views. If people want to vaccinate themselves they should go ahead, but don’t force everyone else on the planet to do the same. That is absolute tyranny.

    • Oh, the vitriol against “anti-vaxxers” (which is a slur, to be honest) is off the charts!

      There might be some people who are militant “anti-vaxxers,” but they would be in the minority. Most are for vaccine choice + informed consent. Because we don’t see the real information as far as the deaths, illnesses, and disabilities caused by vaccines through mainstream channels, there really is no informed consent at the moment. This is just some of the information that’s being suppressed, and if you mention any of it, you will often be angrily shouted down by a swarm of forced vaccination proponents: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCwZDSEpPvE398OLazdituKQ

  3. Willow, you were so spot on when you spoke of what Jupiter in Capricorn is bringing to the fore 😦 I have no doubts that this new Coronavirus outbreak will be used as a reason to push for mandatory vaccinations of epic proportions.

  4. Although, I don’t know who this Del Bigtree guy is. Is that the Illuminati Shhhhh! he’s doing there? Or just a coincidental Shhhh! with no Illuminati ties.


  5. OK, just checking in to say that I finally watched more of the video (not just the part with James Lyons-Wheeler talking about the gene edited virus), and Del Bigtree is without a doubt controlled opposition.

    Watch for that Illuminati Shhh!, folks. Or any of their hand signals. Total giveaway.

  6. Yep, and he was a producer on Dr. Phil and The Doctors!


    Really creepy is that he was involved with the documentary VAXXED.

    Go away, controlled opposition shills! You are useless wastes of skin.

    • Ugh! I watched part of the vid too and agree. Their double-speak also gives away their serpentine shilling games.

      How quickly one thing goes from being this thing to another – not this way but that way, but then again it’s the other way around, just like that last time it was mentioned…but actually… LOL

      Got a kick out of the demonstration with rice though.

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