The Coronavirus Enigma

The recent Coronavirus outbreak in Wuhan, China began late 2019 but just in the past couple of weeks has been recognized as a global epidemic. Mars’s square to Neptune, exact January 28th has seemed to blow up the issue and increased the fear around this rapidly spreading virus. Mars in Sagittarius suggests challenges in foreign affairs while Neptune in Pisces with its lack of boundaries can represent a sea of sickness and disease. There is also a lot of confusion around how exactly the virus got released, although it has been linked with bat soup served in Wuhan.

Asteroid China was Retrograde in Leo in an opposition with the New Moon in Aquarius on January 24th which is around the time that more stories of Coronavirus were hitting news stations and social media hard. Aquarius is the sign that relates to groups of people and Leo is often about being in the spotlight, but in this case it’s in a very undesirable way. Hell of a way to start off the Chinese New Year. Although China appears to be suffering the most, the virus has spread to several other countries so this is going to be a hot topic for awhile.

I personally tend to view what the media portrays with a skeptical eye, and even if this disease was accidentally released to the public, due to its sneaky symptoms that creep up out of nowhere after two weeks it seems to have the qualities of a bio-weapon.

Caution is what I would recommend instead of panic. Super hygiene (especially after touching anything at the bank, grocery stores or public transportation spots), avoiding crowds, keeping stress levels as low as possible and taking immune-boosting supplements may be the best ways to avoid contracting the coronavirus.


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