The Epic Transit of Mars through Capricorn in 2020

Mars, the planet of action has just entered hard-working Capricorn on February 16, the same day that Mercury turned Retrograde in Pisces. Mars is associated with war, accidents and rage, but in many ways may be seen as the saving grace of this time period. This is because it has not only entered the sign of its exaltation but the aspects it makes are both harmonious and energizing. The first is a dynamic trine to Uranus in Taurus, exact on February 21st. This is a huge catalyst for much-needed change in areas of stagnancy.

The second aspect is a sextile to Neptune, exact on March 14th. This helps brings dreams and visions into tangible reality. The third and fourth aspects are the conjunction to Jupiter on March 20th just after the Equinox, a major amplification to all other surrounding aspects. The final aspect of Mars in this sign a conjunction to Pluto on March 22nd. This is also the day after Saturn’s entry into Aquarius, all around making for an extremely potent but unpredictable mix.

Positively, Mars’s transit through Capricorn supports massive undertakings by adding fuel and motivation toward accomplishing goals. Longstanding obstacles may be surmounted and unfinished work may finally see completion. Nothing, not even Mercury Retrograde can stop the fierce determination arising.

However, there is also a warning implied. That is the unstoppable nature of Mars connecting with all of the outer planets in ways that bring about transformations we may or may not actually be ready to integrate. Mars with Pluto especially may indicate violent eruptions, sickness and chaos and we have recently seen glimpses of this in the political world and media.

Ultimately Mars combining with Saturn’s influence is exactly what many of us need after the long grueling boot-camp in Capricorn that has dragged on for months and months. Now there is noticeable progress, movement and breaking out of various constraints. It will require some serious effort to properly navigate these next few weeks but Mars is here to shake the cage and set us free.


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