A Magical New Moon in Pisces

That final and most ethereal sign of the Zodiac, Pisces, is currently heightened by several very strong aspects and an approaching New Moon at 4 degrees on February 23. Mercury Retrograde is featured prominently here, which accounts for many of the bizarre encounters, spiritual visions, near-death experiences and last minute saves that have occurred over the past few days.

Mars at 4 degrees of Capricorn right next to the South Node forms an exact sextile to the New Moon which is one of the stabilizing factors in what might otherwise seem like extremely shaky situations. The South Node connection may indicate forgotten abilities surfacing that can be used for important undertakings. The New Moon’s harmony with the North Node also points toward a sort of unexpected ease in major transitions.

Mars trines Uranus in Taurus while the New Moon forms a sextile to Uranus. The element of surprise has certainly been present lately, particularly involving some of the last things we would have ever expected to take place but that bring joy and remind us of how fragile life is ~ how quickly anything could be taken away and how important it is to live in the moment, savoring it and the people we love to the fullest.

Also Pisces’ two ruling planets Jupiter and Neptune are forming an energizing sextile across the New Moon “interface”. There’s so much magic brewing in the heavens right now that some of us have not known what the heck is even going on. It’s like a dream, and dreams have become more vivid and synchronistic with each passing day for some. The stuff of mystery has become more real and accessible while ironically, ordinary reality seems to be tweaking out. Venus in Aries squares Jupiter, adding to all the wonder and drama.

As Pisces represents clearing house on a cosmic level, this could be such a time to take inventory of what needs to go in order to make way for greater things in our lives. All that garbage, both psychic and physical has gotten too heavy. Now it’s being shaken loose, and by letting go the pain associated with holding onto it may also decrease.

Remember to take notes! The weirdness taking place and messages received might not all make sense right now but over the next few weeks may begin to decode themselves.


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