Astrology Surrounding the Greek Protests

The fight for Europe is on and Greek natives are taking the lead!

In order to cast a chart for Greece I had to do some digging, and the closest thing I could find to be relevant was the chart calculated by Thomas Gazis on the website Astrology Weekly. According to this author, modern Greece was formed according to the Gregorian calendar on January 13, 1822. This was chart was based on Greece’s declaration of Independence from the Turkish empire.

If we use this chart as our base for current events in Greece, recent transits to it make perfect sense according to what has been happening on the islands recently. Yet again (because this has occurred many times throughout history) Turkish government has imposed itself upon this country, this time by trying to force thousands of Middle Eastern immigrants from different locations into its territory. The main problem is not immigration or immigrants themselves, but rather the highly politicized agenda to literally force – by law – ‘diversity’ into already existing cultures, so that they are being overtaken and erased. The Greek people are sick and tired of their land being the entry point for these invasions into their own homes and all of Europe, and they have been fiercely protesting. Their own government has betrayed them so they are taking it upon themselves to protect themselves and their families, country and ancient history.

Modern Greece’s Sun according to the article linked above would be 22 degrees Capricorn (and a fellow astrologer just reminded me this was the exact degree of the Saturn-Pluto conjunction in January of this year), the sign associated with worldly powers and age, being transited by Mars, Jupiter and Pluto. Mars is the planet of war, Jupiter the planet of expansion and Pluto the planet of death, transformation, and massive social movements. Saturn, the planetary ruler of Capricorn has already transited the Modern Greece chart but its effects are still lingering. The build-up to all of the recent riots and violence in Greece can also be linked with a Chiron return in Aries that has been in effect since last year.

The struggle to maintain Greece’s autonomy, culture and all that they have built not just physically but philosophically and spiritually over hundreds of thousands of years is being activated. The Greek civilizations have long been warriors and their iconic penchant for fighting back against those who threaten their homeland could now be the very signal of hope for all of Europe. This once highly romanticized continent has been flooded with immigrants for several decades with increasing intensity and a crushing impact on European natives and culture.

In the meantime, the mainstream media has barely mentioned a word about any of this because coronavirus, coronavirus, coronavirus!! What a convenient distraction, or parallel if you will.


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