Saturn in Aquarius and Cyber Attacks

Here is a very interesting video that explains how 5G (another cyber-related threat not only on humanity but many different life forms on this planet) may be very closely linked with the effects of the recent pandemic. From the looks of it, this issue should be a much greater of a cause for concern than a passing virus. I hope that when Saturn does enter Aquarius we also see more of the positive kinds of inventions and solutions to many of the collective problems we face. This cannot happen if people do not recognize the worst of the threats being imposed upon them!

In this digital age when privacy has become a thing of the past, it has become far too easy to manipulate and bamboozle millions of people into surrendering not only their personal information but their very own human rights without them even realizing it. The bureaucracy that people are required to abide by just seems to multiply by the day and nobody has time to read everything on those 58-79-300 or so pages before signing their name on the dotted lines. But that’s not the scariest thing that we face in the Age of Aquarius.

Cyber warfare, hacking and cyber attacks are some of the most recent forms of attack against nations and their military networks, in an attempt to weaken them through damaging their computer systems and blocking their information access. There is an overall campaign of spying and cyber attacking all over the world. For example during a…

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