Child Exploitation and the Climate Change Cover-story for Global Dictatorship

Greta Thunberg is a famous teenage activist with Asperger’s syndrome who is being terribly exploited by her parents, bankers and other power elites in order to convince the world that the world is going to end in less than a decade unless our politicians do something about it immediately.

Never in her speeches does she mention climate engineering through chemtrails that have been heavily sprayed on us since the 80s, the interference of life by high levels of nuclear radiation and 5G towers, the migrant crisis and all of the pollution this contributes to by cramming millions of people into small spaces, not to mention the complete onslaught of our environment by other poisonous substances in our food and air that the common people have not ever knowingly chosen. If they did choose these things it was because they were LIED to about how safe they were for consumption.

Somehow, millions of people are convinced that this girl is writing her own scripts and that by gaining the sympathy and respect of celebrities she must be a genius, here to teach us how to clean up our act – you know, because it’s helpless, it’s too late and we’re all going to die anyway. That’s the message going out to children right now and that should be called out like the child abuse that it is! People should be outraged that children and young people like Greta are actually being used to promote an elitist agenda to control the world’s population. What they are pushing for is the New World Order, and Greta is their perfect candidate for hooking everyone in by pulling heart strings and invoking guilt and shame so that people comply with the new incoming rules. It’s sickening.

Greta’s birth time is unknown but according to the birth date info found on her Sun is at 12 degrees of Capricorn and Mercury Retrograde at 28 degrees of Capricorn. This chart does not show it but she was also born with the Sun in conjunction with Chiron, the comet representing wounds, handicaps and healing abilities. Mercury Retrograde in a birth chart does not necessarily reveal mental problems but many times it does indicate one with a very different way of viewing the world, an introspective nature (nothing wrong with those things) and a tendency to be misunderstood. In Capricorn the thinking is very serious and in Greta’s case, she has clearly exhibited signs of being both depressed and overwhelmed not only by the state of the world but her position as a public figure. As a child aged 11 she experienced the transit of Pluto over her Sun and Chiron, during which time she was said to struggle with depression to the point that she apparently she stopped speaking. Saturn in Capricorn was crossing Greta’s Sun when her publicity was beginning to peak in late 2018.

Saturn relates to older people, who were and still are training and funding her. Saturn is also associated with fear, which has been a driving factor for Greta’s career. She was born while Saturn in Gemini in was in opposition to Pluto, indicating her strong interest in world events and communications. Now as Saturn transits her Mercury she has been taking a weekly climate strike action online. One of her latest Tweets says “In crisis we change our behavior and adapt to the new circumstances for the greater good of society.” This is a sure-fire sign of mind control.

With all the action in Capricorn in 2020, there is much more in store for this young woman and unless more people recognize that she is being exploited this is a very bad thing for her, her followers as well as the rest of us who are not fans of martial law.

Greta was born while Uranus transited its native sign Aquarius. There is indeed a high level of caring and intelligence indicated in her chart that is unfortunately being used for nefarious ends by those who have programmed her. Had she received different training and education as a child her impact on the world right now could have been just as powerful but in positive ways.


2 thoughts on “Child Exploitation and the Climate Change Cover-story for Global Dictatorship

  1. Very well said and researched Yerevan. Thank you and it makes perfect sense. I hope she becomes surrounded by the light as she so needs it. I feel sorry for her and anyone who falls for the same trap of darkness.

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