Dark of the Moon Meditation to Stop 5G

Willows Web Astrology has created an event for those who are interested in participating to pray and meditate for the stopping of 5G worldwide. Join us tomorrow, Thursday May 21st to request and visualize the removal of a technology that threatens the wellbeing of all life on earth.

Here is a link to the Event page and the details of the meditation. https://mewe.com/event/5eb841ef9f604e002e1c2307

“If you’re so inclined, please join me on May 21 for a worldwide meditation or prayer during the Dark of the Moon with a focus on removing 5G technology from Earth and nullifying the power of those who are harming us and other living things on this planet. They have no legitimate authority over us.

We’re clearing harmful frequencies and connecting with the natural healing frequencies of our bodies and of Earth. We’re connecting to the power of the love we have for life and for living things on this planet. We’re receiving protection from harm, and we’re asking for protection from harm for other living things. We’re connecting to the immense power of the unbreakable, unshakeable resistance.

We can coordinate specific times for each area, or you can do your own meditation or prayer at any time on May 21, during the Balsamic Moon phase.

The Balsamic Moon will be in Taurus, a good Moon for connecting deeply to the Earth and to the rhythms of nature.”

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