Mars conjunct Uranus on January 20th 2021: Explosive Energy

On January 20th 2021 Mars will join Uranus at 6 degrees of Taurus, while also joining the Moon and forming squares to Saturn and Jupiter. The pair is also squaring the Sun in Aquarius, at the critical degree of 0. This occurs on Inauguration day for the U.S. but is bound to have effects in several parts of the world. The energy released from this planetary combination could be discordant in explosive ways.  Social encounters may be extremely intense and patience running low.

Here are some possible issues to spring up that day:

  • Violent political protests and street riots
  • Disputes over vaccination mandates and health risks
  • Issues surrounding business rights, currency, stimulus checks, etc.
  • Vandalization of property, fires, and other disasters






Knowing this is half the battle. The planetary energies may also be harnessed for accomplishing difficult tasks. It is likely that the entire weeks leading up to and after this date will be quite charged, and useful for cutting through stubborn obstacles.


3 thoughts on “Mars conjunct Uranus on January 20th 2021: Explosive Energy

  1. I love your work! What are your thoughts and impressions on the international events going on now? I sense some very important shifts happening and I’m very interested to know what you see.

    • Thank you, Sky! On international events…it’s very challenging for me to summarize my thoughts and impressions because the situations have become such a complicated mess. I think that much of what we are seeing internationally is an attempt at a world take-over by globalists. They’ve been planning this for a very long time and during 2020, the pandemic scare made it possible for them to begin implementing controls at a much greater speed than ever before. The outcome of this is impossible to predict. It looks gloomy so far but there is definitely hope.

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