CNN – A Laughing Stock in Mainstream Media

It’s a CNN news week here in America and not in the typical sense of any mainstream news report. One doesn’t have to be a Trump supporter to recognize that CNN, and no doubt several other media stations have been pumping out info garbage left and right. Now finally CNN has been caught on camera admitting that they base their headlines on fear rather than facts. Originally founded by Ted Turner and a few others, it grew to be one of the biggest propaganda platforms in American media. CNN is being exposed by Project Veritas (I’m not specifically following their work but this is definitely noteworthy) for rigging the news on COVID19 and racial movements such as BLM.


CNN (Cable News Network) was launched at 5:00 pm on June 1, 1980 in Atlanta, Georgia. CNN’s Sun is currently being transited by the North Node in an exact conjunction at 11 degrees of busy-body, two-faced Gemini. Jupiter has been transiting CNN’s South Node in Aquarius lately, placing a magnifying glass on their hidden agenda before the masses. CNN’s natal Moon in Capricorn in the third house forms a square to a 12th house Pluto in Libra…now there’s a dirty house secret spilling out if ever there was one. Nice little conjunction to the Black Moon Lilith too. A bunch of goons are busy at work, being paid to wear presentable attire, smile big and deliver content that bears little to zero relevance on actual world events. Hey CNN, power trip much?? Well there you have it – CNN is being exposed for the clown show that it is. I wonder how many people will take heed.

I want to make clear that by sharing these articles below I’m not necessarily supporting Trump, who has been known to take jabs at CNN many times. It’s one point I agreed with him on:

The title of this past article already reveals a hidden agenda

Who is Charlie Chester? CNN staffer EXPOSES network’s ‘propaganda’ and focus to ‘get Trump out of office’ | MEAWW

CNN Exposed: Tech Director Admits Matt Gaetz Sex Scandal is Propaganda Coordinated with Democrat Party (


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