Europe Rising

The Vikings are back. They have no fear of tyrants. They have no fear of death. They’re ready to fight, but this time with their minds instead of weapons. That’s because their minds are what is under attack…

Thank you, manufactured pandemic. Because of you people are finally gathering in large numbers as family to rise up against tyrannical government. They are saying No to bogus claims and rules, No to medical martial law, and No to censorship and massive gas-lighting. These people live in various parts of the world, and they include one of the most suppressed, guilt laden cultures of all.

Nobody thinks of the continent of Europe as suppressed these days, as Americans have especially glamorized it as being oh-so-romantic, and those of certain other regions regard it with contempt, believing all white people who dwell there to be “privileged”. During the past three decades, much of Europe has been hijacked and trashed. Citizens of many countries have been heavily mind-controlled and imprisoned.

It took a worldwide attack on all people everywhere, an attempt to strip away our human rights to elicit the response by these people that is being witnessed now. If you see any of this on the evening news you’ll only hear a shocked, negative spin on it, as if all who are protesting in the streets are endangering those who aren’t. That’s the lie being circulated. That’s what could be used against all of us, in a problem-reaction-solution situation.

When I say Europe is rising, I don’t mean the EU. I mean the people, the warm-blooded human beings who for centuries have made this part of the world their home. Spain is rising, Latvia is rising, Italy is rising, and even France is enraged with Macron’s new green pass laws.

And no matter what happens during these next few months, I pray that Europe continues to rise, and that people in ALL nations everywhere continue to rise up as cohabitors of the earth, and to support each other instead of playing their allegiances to false gods and dictators. I pray that they carry on and resist the New World Order. That if for some crazy reason the power grid goes down, they will not only survive but take the best of what they learned back into the fully lit Age of Aquarius, that we may live in strength, beauty and gratitude, as we were all originally meant to do.


2 thoughts on “Europe Rising

  1. “Wotan is a restless wanderer who creates unrest and stirs up strife, now here, now there, and CREATES MAGIC”. C.G.Jung
    The spirit of Wotan is alive and thriving in Albion’s children. Europe is rising on the blood of her ancestors. Thx Yerevan, you’re a treasure!

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