A New Mars Cycle Brings Justice and Empowerment

Mars is the Masculine principle that is present within every person’s psyche and birth chart. Today, Mars in Libra is squaring Pluto in Capricorn. Tensions are extremely high. Recently, on October 7th 2021 Mars joined the Sun in a new synodic cycle that will last until November 17th of 2023 when the Sun makes a conjunction to Mars in Scorpio.

Mars represents the drive to take action in areas of significance in a person’s life. Mars is the symbol of life force, libido, and assertiveness. It can lead one to succeed in business or to excel in sports. When suppressed or frustrated the energy of Mars can fester and explode into violence. So much of the explosive violence that we are witnessing now is in reaction to the violence that has been perpetrated against humanity, and of humans turning against in other in competition as their stress levels rise and their resources dwindle.

Mars in Libra seeks for justice, which seems harder and harder to come by in the dystopian nightmare that’s been unfolding before our very eyes. Mars in the sign of balance is angered by unfairness and seeks to right what has apparently gone wrong in the realm of relationships and in the collective. So often we have been told that anger is bad – that we should behave. We’re taught to shove it back down, and be supposedly good, obedient, and basically docile. However, righteous anger directed consciously is a powerful force for actual good in this world. When responsibly expressed, anger can be one of the most effective tools for positive change at our disposal. When misdirected and internalized, anger is the cause of our demise. During the next couple of years the human population has ample opportunities to use the emotion of anger for standing up against tyranny and injustice, and for making positive changes that will take a lot of physical energy to accomplish. This is likely to be most effective when people access their healthy masculine energy.

This is the masculine energy that gets up after being knocked down, won’t take shit from anyone, that’s ready to step up to the plate and fight for what’s right, and that will fiercely guard and protect the young and innocent from threats and danger. This is the masculine energy that enables us to continue onward even when we’ve been wounded in battle. This is the masculine drive to build a fortress in times of chaos and distress. This is the will to live and to heal.

Our current day culture is obsessed with the anima, feminine empowerment, the divine feminine and healing female wounds. These are all important to address. Unfortunately what happens all too often is that in the process of lifting women up, men in general and masculinity overall are disregarded or shamed as being toxic. For true harmony to occur both masculine and feminine, yin and yang must combine in such a way as to compliment each other. In this way homeostasis is achieved. The new Mars cycle we have entered is showing the way – for those with eyes to see.


2 thoughts on “A New Mars Cycle Brings Justice and Empowerment

  1. Another terrific essay, Yerevan- I do love your writing.

    I don’t usually mention my own horoscope or ask for advice, but something in your essay jumped out at me. My birthday is November 17. I guess the Sun / Mars conjunction next year might be significant for me? Mars is also on my ascendant right now, in Libra. Perhaps I’ll have a prominent role in something assertive? I am, like you, a rebel for all the right causes, but I like to keep in the background.

    Do you have any thoughts on this? I’m not scared, but I am curious as to what it might mean.

    Maybe I should get one of your psychic protection kits. Do you make them special for this kind of thing?

    • Hi Sky, thank you for the kind words. Yes I’d say that the next Sun/Mars conjunction in 2023 will be an important one for you since it coincides with your solar return! Also, yes the focus in Libra this month could very well have been activating Mars on your AC in such a way as to cause you to become more assertive. It could stimulate a greater desire/need to act on your convictions. One’s personal image and life path comes into prominence when the Sun transits the AC and into the first house. Have you found this to be true in the past few weeks?
      As for the psychic protection kits, yes I do custom blends and that’s actually what I recommend since each person has different needs.

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