The February Full Moon and America’s first Pluto Return 2022

A Full Moon at 27 degrees of Leo occurs on February 16, 2022, just preceding America’s first Pluto Return that is exact on the 20th. A Pluto return is something that no humans get to experience since they don’t live past the age of 240, and Pluto makes a complete return at around 248 years. This Pluto Return will be in effect all throughout 2022, making three exact conjunctions due to its Retrograde motion:

February 20

July 11

December 28

This Leo moon is expanding our heart’s capacity for true understanding and compassion for each other despite our differences, and that’s a good start at repairing the damages that have been caused by so many of today’s grossly manufactured divisions. These divisions refer not to the types of racism that so many people whine about today (which by the way is basically white-shaming) but about such things as taxation of the poor, countless “genders” that confuse children, medical communism tearing families apart and fake left vs right political affiliations giving people the illusion of the choice to vote.

Another saving grace at this time is the conjunction taking place between Venus and Mars on the day of the Full Moon. This passionate duo are both in earthy Capricorn, increasing loyalty and responsibility for loved ones. They continue together into March while joining with Pluto, helping to take the edge off of Pluto’s first return hit. They are favorably connected to Uranus which is receiving a helpful sextile from Jupiter throughout the week. This brings open-mindedness to new information and inspiration from unexpected sources. Leo is a sign that is concerned with power combined with dignity, and this Leo Full Moon coming up brings the impetus to take back both the power and dignity that was stolen from us, and from our ancestors.

This late degree fire Moon on February 16th makes an exact inconjunct aspect to the USA’s Pluto in Capricorn, indicating extreme agitation and back-stabbing among ruling parties, groups and society as a whole. This has been occurring for the past year but that was just the beginning of humanity finally responding to their buttons being pushed to maximum tolerance levels. For the past four years and probably the first time in history, the exposure of criminal behavior in people in high places has reached an all-time peak in Western society and especially in the USA. There is no denying just how much influence American culture (or more specifically, the lack thereof) has influenced so much of the world. We see how both the glamour and corruption of Hollywood has become a trend across all borders, and how our political clown show has become the subject of jokes and Halloween costumes in foreign nations. I saw Trump masks for sale on my trip to Ireland in 2017, and saw Justin Bieber posters plastered on the walls in a shopping mall while stupid American pop songs blared through the air.

America the brave has been gifted with the supreme law of the Constitution, which upholds our humanity and grants us rights and privileges that many others have never known. It is still the land of opportunity, where people can easily start their own business and buy large plots of land. They can legally wear whatever they want, worship whoever they want, marry whoever they want, and say whatever they want without being hung, stoned to death or imprisoned. Americans have the right to bear arms in their own homes and to defend themselves against tyranny. However, if people take these rights for granted they run the risk of losing them. These rights are inherently the rights of all human beings but must be fought for and earned. They must be maintained by the proper conduct that allows such freedom to exist.

Saturn is on the USA’s Moon in Aquarius, highlighting home-based security needs that are not being met or come at a very high cost. Mercury is approaching the USA’s South Node in Aquarius bringing with it the potential for complete breakdowns in wide-scale communication that by comparison could make even Joe Biden sound coherent. 2021 was the year when skyrocketing gas prices and empty grocery shelves were blamed on the so-called president, but can anything be truly blamed on a spineless puppet who takes orders from his masters?

The Full Moon at 21 degrees of Capricorn on July 13 is also bound for intense confrontations as this gets too close for comfort to Pluto in the US chart. Americans in general are learning, with shock and dismay that they’ve been duped since the moment they took their first breath in a hospital filled with florescent lights. They’ve been lied to, tantalized, spoiled, manipulated, used and abused, dumbed down and robbed, all while being convinced of a false sense of luxury and self-ownership. There was no reason to fight back until now. Their total dictatorship by hidden hands went unrecognized until recently. This is both the curse and the blessing of Pluto making his full round in the natal chart of the US of America. It’s an ugly process that has to happen so that people may finally realize the injurious nature of so many of their modern conveniences, and so that they stop gobbling up the poison apples being handed to them by hags and sorcerers in disguise who offer the promise of everlasting delights.

February’s Full Moon in 2022 looks to be an enriching one, and one that, together with Pluto’s return in the chart of the USA marks a time period that will be remembered for decades, maybe centuries to come.


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