The North Node in Taurus – A Shift in Values Could Bring Salvation

The North Node enters Taurus on January 18th of 2022 until July 18th of 2023. This lunar nodal shift is bringing with it a supportive lift in addressing countless unmet needs for nourishment. We are getting an up close view of the very bedrock of our existence, and the true inspiration behind the most meaningful work that we do that serves as our metaphorical muses in life. The North Node will have exited chatty, information-loaded Gemini. Talk is typically cheap from the point of view of Taurus. Actions speak much louder than words, but what this sign really wants are results. She’s a sign who also knows how to get what she wants.

One of the most potent aspects that this North Node transit will form is a conjunction with the planet Uranus, at 18 degrees of Taurus on July 31st. In the weeks leading up to an after this conjunction major lifestyle changes, relocations, new sources of income and prosperity could become the subjects of individuals and all types of groups with similar values. New relationships could serve as catalysts and old ones could experience upgrades. Brilliant ideas could reroute us in directions we previously had not even imagined moving into before.

Taurus is an earth sign that influences agriculture as well as the food industry which is being threatened by power-hungry globalists who want to turn our very sustenance into fully labeled, numbered and heavily manufactured smart-food, under the guise of living “green”. In this way, they have managed to divert attention from the way that they are first in line in both trashing this planet and hoarding precious resources for themselves, while starving the population to death.

All that being said, with the South Node in Scorpio, we face the equally difficult challenge in letting go of excess paranoia and defensiveness, which will enable us to conserve energy for the battles worth fighting. With the Scorpio polarity, people may be forced to look in the mirror instead of only looking at what’s being done by others. In what ways may we stop participating in undermining activities that we surely did not come up with on our own but have adopted over time? This could mean that we need to examine where and why we are buying cheap stuff made in China, eating greasy fast food, wearing synthetic clothing, driving to buildings a one minute walk away from us, and spending all day on our cell phones.

People are dying on a massive scale, but it’s not a pandemic that is killing them. It’s an intentional genocide through forced toxic injections that are proving each and every day to be the leading cause of the rising levels of unexplained “sudden deaths” in people of all ages. This coincides with the erections of cell towers and increased radiation in cities. Sadly, this fact most likely won’t register for most people until it hits too close to home for them. It has already done that for me, in witnessing people that I know being tragically and permanently affected. Before trying to argue, be aware that this isn’t some heresy or scrap of biased info read off of Facebook. This is real life. People are losing their minds, they’re being murdered and they’re dying of malpractice in hospitals. It appears that many people who aren’t yet affected couldn’t care less. The streets full of people protesting in countries far and wide have been affected. They have seen the truth, and they’re not going to take any more attacks lying down.

Manipulative behavior is found not only in the elites but in ordinary people at each others throats for adhering to different values and belief systems. There are guilt trips everywhere we turn, on social media, in the grocery stores, on billboards, historical monuments and even certain art exhibits. There are posters telling us to mask up and obey the rules, or else. You’ll lose your job if you don’t get the jab. Your child will be rejected for health care if they don’t get injected with an experimental DNA altering substance, even if they have leukemia. Don’t make false claims about Vitamin C or you’ll be banned from the internet. Meanwhile, apologies are offered about accidentally offending people whose non-binary gender hasn’t been properly acknowledged, as if it’s the worst crime that was ever committed. There is endless finger-pointing between those right and left in their political stance, accomplishing nothing but an increase of fury on both sides. In this way the elites have got people right were they want them, canceling each other out.

The North Node’s transit through Taurus signals that the time has come to pick up the broken shards of a worldwide economic crash, and to prevent further damages, the likes of which have not been experienced since the 1930s. Taurus is the sign that deals with financial stability and the fulfillment of basic security. Attention to money, assets, expenditures and investments will grow significantly during the next year and a half. Growing vegetables at home, supporting local farmers, and reconnecting with the nature’s wonders are some of the positive highlights that this transit may stimulate. People who are losing faith in Big Pharma will turn (or return) more and more to alternative forms of medicine, especially those that include the use of herbs and natural remedies.

The North Node in Taurus points toward specific areas of value and importance relative to our overall well being, and may therefore be helpful in breaking out of various self-defeating habits. No matter what kind of chaos we see and hear around us, this transit could show us the actual key to our survival. However, people don’t just want to survive but to thrive, and for things to not only be functional but beautiful again. Perhaps we can strike a balance in practicality and aesthetics that lies somewhere between the extremely intricate beauty of the Victorian era and the downright soullessness of the current age with its emphasis on modern so-called art. There is probably going to be a tug of war between those who insist on continuing the mass production of garbage and those who are committed to giving back to the earth and living with integrity.


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