Info Gurus Post-Uranus/Pluto Square

Wise Men are not attention whores. They lead by example.

We witnessed an emergence of info gurus just as Uranus came out of a three-year cardinal Square to Pluto in 2015. That square stirred a lot of friction in the world, and it was only the beginning of a series of terrible events that would forever change the way that humans perceived themselves and each other. However, the type of behavior mentioned above has been going on for centuries. Whatever the political climate happens to be there will also be greasy opportunists capitalizing on the ignorance of their followers, or just seeking for an audience to feed their huge egos.

People are such suckers for their ginormous displays of power and knowledge, especially those in the truth movement. Little do folks know that they really don’t have any legitimate need for these internet father figures if only they would do some research of their own. Sadly, they have given their power away.

There can be no so-called “awakening” and self-empowerment when power is continuously handed over to someone who is just as imperfect as, if not more flawed than oneself.


4 thoughts on “Info Gurus Post-Uranus/Pluto Square

  1. So utterly and pathetically true! Have you noticed that in order for these ” awakened with elevated vibrations” dupes must imbibe toxic substances and stay lit up on hallucinogens to maintain their lofty connections to the falsehoods they adore? It’s painfully apparent that they must subdue every cell in their bodies with poison in order to continue to fill their psyches with the toxic BS you’ve described so astutely. Highest praise and heartfelt appreciation!

    • Hi Lori, I think I know who you may be referring to here LOL…a famous person who has grown in popularity over the years and making a lot of money interviewing people. Yes I agree there are definitely a lot of those sell-outs. However I’ve also noticed dudes who don’t use any such substances and still manage to act like they’re God’s gift to us all.

  2. Right on! Good to hear it/be reminded in such words as you’ve used. “We” know this & needing to having it grounded in us with clear thoughtful words helps us step into the real. Step out of the daze, illusion. Thank you! ❤️

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