In-Your-Face Mars/Moon oppositions as Canadian Truckers Double Down on their Truck Horns

For the past few days Canada, or more specifically Canadian protesters have been taking the lead in demanding their freedoms back in the midst of medical tyranny. If we use the less popular natal chart cast for when the British North American Act went into effect on July 1, 1867 at the time of the official announcement at 12:00 pm, we see a chart putting Libra rather than Aries on the Ascendant.

It would make sense, since it would place Mars in opposition to Canada’s Moon in Cancer stellium (to Uranus and the Sun) with the Moon in Pisces coming into opposition with Canada’s Mars in Virgo today, doubling the relentless push against mandates. The Moon is also vevving up Canada’s Jupiter Return and forming a trine with its Sun, Uranus, Moon stellium.

If we use the midnight chart an intense agitation is evident from Mars in Sagittarius at the beginning of the convoy (beginning on January 22, 2022) opposing Canada’s Moon in Gemini. This is very telling of a social uproar.

As inconsiderate and rude as a blockade of trucks honking their horns constantly over several hours and days may be to residents and businesses, this is one way to take back collective freedom. It is a refusal on the part of truckers and everyone who stands in their favor to back down and succumb to what the “other” majority want for you. Plenty of the truckers are protesting peacefully, without making any noise. Those are not the ones making headlines.

Despotic rulers have no authority over your body, nor does the society they have created as a form of prison for anyone who disagrees with their ludicrous rules. Why should other people have the decision over what you put into your body and on your face, whether or not you can leave the house, how far and for how long? The answer is clear. The war is on. No matter how this story is spun by newscasters the bottom line is that this whole series of events is the result of robbery, coercion and deceit by the elites and their gross, cowardly, self-serving front men.

What’s even more rude, inconsiderate and obnoxious than truckers honking their horns into the wee hours of the morning, driving people to the brink of insanity? What’s more awful than delivery men disrupting the flow of commerce to make a statement? It’s people policing other people who don’t wear face diapers everywhere they go and who refuse to vaccinate their children for personal reasons. Society is not your health advisor. GO CANADIAN TRUCKERS!


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