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About Yerevan

photo by RachelBalunsat.com

I serve as an intuitive reader and healing facilitator, sometimes using tools and sometimes nothing external. Astrology is one of my favorite tools to use in readings because it can be fun and so spot-on on so many levels!

I have been doing intuitive readings for over ten years and have been a student of plant medicines for 20 years.  During a healing session with me, one may experience the benefits of flower essences, aromatherapy, nutritional counseling, and various forms of vibrational healing through bodywork, sound, or channeling. I offer the passion, dedication, and wisdom of my years of experience in the healing arts gained through overcoming many forms of illness and handicaps.

Spending the majority of my early years bedridden due to a combination of  autoimmune illness and post-traumatic stress disorder provided me with ample time to further develop my abilities. The slow and arduous process of overcoming one debilitating symptom at a time eventually grew my understanding of and compassion for human suffering at large.

It is my pleasure to help you find the most joyful ways to heal and accomplish your goals. No matter how wonderful or bleak life may appear, there is always help, hope, and progress to be made. All of us need a little bit of clarity or confirmation sometimes in this crazy world!

In person I’m available to do readings in Sonoma county in California, so if interested Contact me for details. Readings are also available via Skype or by phone.

Comments on: "About Yerevan" (3)

  1. Yerevan, I googled your lovely name and found you!!! I am Karen of Crystal People fame lol, the flighty one from Sonoma! 🙂 Read your stress article found it very helpful!!!

    I wish to see if we can schedule a email reading. Please advise?

    Thanx, and your smile warmed my heart this morning!


  2. Emelie mari Borja said:

    Hi Yerevan, I’m interested about reading in life and healing for stressed😊

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